Ghost of Tsushima game ratings recover on Steam after days of player anger

Ghost of Tsushima is one of PlayStation’s most beloved games, and finally seeing its release on PC should be a happy occasion for console gamers, but unfortunately Sony’s recent actions have had a backlash.

Earlier this month, Sony came under fire after announcing that all Helldivers 2 players had to link their PSN account to Steam to continue playing the game. However, Sony reversed this decision two days later. Despite the negative reaction, Sony decided to continue playing the game. In its decision to link PSN accounts with The Ghost of TsushimaThis makes sense as the game was originally a PlayStation 4 game and also required a PSN account, but this move resulted in 180 countries and regions being banned from purchasing and playing the game.

With Ghost of Tsushima now available on PC for the first time and despite its impressive debut, it initially received similar reactions to Helldivers 2 due to its PSN requirements. Although it is only available in countries where PSN is accessible, the game has… There. There were 1,356 positive reviews and 454 negative reviews, but what was noted was that most of the criticisms and negative reviews were aimed solely at the PSN account linking requirements.

Ghost of Tsushima game ratings recover on Steam after days of player anger

But what happened over the last few hours is that the game’s ratings gradually increased, becoming mostly very positive reviews across… Steam PlatformThis indicates that the game’s incredible experience, wonderful story, and unique world made players forget that Sony forced them to link the game’s online mode account to their PlayStation account.

Do you think this case deserves to lower the game’s ratings on the platform?

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