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Hello children! Here we have some light exercises that will give kids plenty of energy right after they get out of bed. The best way for children to start their day is with an exercise routine, once they are able to wake up their body and prepare it for the day ahead. With these light exercises, they won’t need to jump, but they’ll definitely have the energy to do so. Let’s go with the kids and start this new workout! 💪 ________________________________ Music by Merlin, AudioSalad ——————————————– —– ——— TIMECODES: 00:00 Arm circles 00:50 Rest 01:13 Returns 02:03 Rest 02:26 The windmill 03:15 Rest 03:37 Swirls of Hips 04:28 Rest 04:50 Walks 05:40 Rest 06:18 Arm Circles 07:08 Rest 07:31 Back Bends 08:21 Rest 08:44 The Windmill 09:33 Rest 09:55 Swirls hips 10:46 Rest 11:08 Descends 11:58 Rest 12:46 Body extensions 13:35 Rest 13:57 Left diagonal abs 14:26 Right diagonal abs 14:56 Rest 15:19 Torso rotation 16:09 Rest 16 :31 Left side leg raise 17:03 Right side leg raise 17:34 Rest 17:57 Reach and squat 18:47 Rest 19:24 Body extensions 20:14 Rest 20:36 Left diagonal sit-ups 21 :05 Straight diagonal sit-ups 21:35 Rest 21:57 Torso rotation 22:48 Rest 23:10 Left side leg raise 23:42 Right side leg raise 24:13 Rest 24:36 Reach and squat

we chose for you
“The Champion” 🏆/// Danny Go! Sports dance song for children
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