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Governor of Assiout: 41,643 students take technical diploma exams

Governor of Assiout: 41,643 students take technical diploma exams

Governor of Assiut

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Major General Essam Saad, governor of Assiout, indicated that the examinations for technical diplomas “industrial – commercial – hotel – agricultural” were launched today, Saturday, for the academic year 2023/2024, with 103 commissions at the governorate level, with 41,643 men. and female students who are taking exams in the Arabic language subject today, announcing its continuous monitoring of the progress of the examination process and ensuring that all means of comfort are provided to students and invigilators by the committee members , he asked us to overcome all obstacles. that students and supervisors may face within committees.

The governor of Assiut confirmed – in a statement issued today by the governorate’s information office – that he gave directives to Muhammad Ibrahim Desouki, undersecretary of the governorate’s Ministry of Education, on the need to provide a suitable environment for our students to take the exams. with ease and ease, wishing all students of the governorate success and success, noting that all the committees organized the work of the examinations, guided by the continuous monitoring of the leaders of the Directorate of Education and Technical Education and the Examinations Supervision Authority, with the creation of a central operations room in the governorate at the control center of the National Emergency Network for continuous monitoring with the management operations room and sub-rooms educational departments and the handling of possible obstacles or complaints.

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The governor of Assiut indicated that the number of students who took the technical diploma exam in the governorate this year reached 41,643 students in 103 commissions at the center level of the governorate, with ( 49) industrial education committees with a total number of 19,457 students, and (39) commercial education committees, and my hotel, with a total of 4,466 commercial education students, 99 students in the hotel, and (16) agricultural education committees, with a total of 7,621 students, emphasizing the attention paid to the cleanliness of schools and committees and providing all means of comfort to students, observers and supervisors within the committees, including ventilation, lighting, and applying rules and controls for the conduct of activities. the process of review, observation and confirmation. There must be a doctor or health visitor in each school to medically supervise the committees, deal immediately with any emergency medical cases and sterilize and prepare toilets for supervisors, monitors, committee heads and distribution centers . .

Muhammad Ibrahim Desouqi, Undersecretary of the Governorate Ministry of Education, spoke about his field visits today to some review committees and the directorate’s operations room to monitor the progress of the work of review, highlighting the formation of a central operations room. in the management and connecting it to the sub-operation rooms of the educational departments to receive any complaints or requests related to the examination work in addition to the continuous monitoring committees, to overcome all obstacles and to prepare designated toilets for people assigned. to take the exams. They were provided with all the necessary means of subsistence to ensure a dignified stay for observers, commission chairs and observers. The question distribution center has also been prepared and cars for transporting exam booklets have been prepared.

For his part, Muhammad Al-Nimr, Director General of Technical Education, confirmed that committees have been formed to follow the preparation and cleaning processes of the committees before and after the exam. Posters and information boards have also been placed for students. the numbers of the commissions and their location in each commission were alerted to the need to comply with all rules and instructions governing the conduct of examination work in accordance with ministerial orders and books.

Governor of Assiout: 41,643 students take technical diploma exams

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