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Graham calls for a nuclear attack on Gaza! 2024 - drweud
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Graham calls for a nuclear attack on Gaza!

Graham calls for a nuclear attack on Gaza!

Tariq Abdel Hamid

Tariq Abdel Hamid

History tells us that the United States is not only a sponsor of the Zionist state, but that there is an “integrative unity” between them to the point that we can say with great confidence that there exists “an Israeli government” with two branches: Washington and Tel Aviv… as evidenced by this flood of American weapons that Washington has provided to Israel in the genocidal war it has been waging against our people in Gaza since October 7, 2023, at the following the “Flood of Al-Aqsa”.

Recently, the US Congress passed a resolution to give Israel $1 billion worth of offensive weapons and munitions to wage its dirty war in Gaza, despite the US President’s “Shank” truces. to delay the granting of these weapons to Israel in case it storms Rafah.

The matter is not limited to men in the official American administration, but extends to extremist politicians who blindly support Israel, the latest being Republican Senator Lindsey Graham, whose support has reached “the point of total madness,” as he declared. during an interview with the NBC News show “Meet the Press” a few days ago made wild statements in which she compared the ongoing Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip to the decision of the United States United to drop atomic bombs on Japan in the world. World War II, calling for the bombing of Gaza with nuclear weapons!

With his statements, Graham angered many political movements active in the United States, including the Code Pink movement (a feminist movement born in 2002 to reject the decision to invade Iraq and support pro-Palestinian protests in the American universities), where she said: “It is shameful that he could call on live television to bomb Gaza with nuclear weapons, at a time when he considers students protesting against the genocide a threat. Lindsey Graham received $1,580,000 from AIPAC (the largest Jewish lobby). organization in America) for saying these words.”

These crazy statements by Graham are not reminiscent of others made – in November 2023 – by the Israeli Minister of Heritage, Amichai Eliyahu, in which he called for dropping a nuclear bomb on the Gaza Strip in order to drive out the Palestinians Of the band !

This extremist (Eliyahu) belongs to the far-right Otzma Yehudit party, led by Itamar Ben Gvir, one of the most famous ministers in Benjamin Netanyahu’s right-wing fascist government.

The matter did not stop at Eliyahu. During the same period, she called on Israeli ruling Likud MP Galit Destel Etbarian (former Minister of Public Diplomacy) to completely erase the Gaza Strip from the face of the earth. !

Whether it’s the statements of right-wing extremists in America or Israel, I can’t think of a more eloquent description of this fascism than American activist Lucas Gage’s statement: “The Zionists are crazy.”

Graham calls for a nuclear attack on Gaza!

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