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GTA 6 could be the first game priced above $70 2024 - drweud

GTA 6 could be the first game priced above $70

With all video game publishers moving to $70 prices for big games, Take-Two Interactive, the parent company of Rockstar Games, may be considering a higher price for the highly anticipated Grand Theft Auto 6.

Strauss-Zelnick discussed (quoted in kotaku), CEO of Take-Two, recently updated the company’s pricing strategy, stating that they aim to deliver “great value” and that the price should be “good news” for gamers. However, his previous comments regarding the $50 price tag for the Red Dead Redemption and Undead Nightmare editions raise questions about how Take-Two defines “good value.”

Expected price of GTA 6

  • The video game industry has shifted to $70 for big games due to high development costs.
  • Take-Two may be considering an $80 price tag for Grand Theft Auto VI.
  • Zelnick emphasizes providing “great value” and a positive experience for players.
  • His previous statements regarding Red Dead Redemption releases seem to contradict his current claims of “good value for money.”
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Concerns among players’ supporters:

  • Players might not be receptive to further price increases, especially for a game like GTA 6, which already carries a high chance of price increases.
  • Take-Two’s definition of “good value” seems questionable based on past decisions.

Although Take-Two has not confirmed a specific price for GTA 6, Zelnick’s statements indicate a potential increase beyond the current standard of $70. This could spark further debate and raise concerns about the rising cost of video games.

Over the past period we have seen many titles postponed for long periods during their development, and the argument from industry specialists was that video games of this era require more time and money to reach the level that the public wants. to wait for.

Until now, there are a lot of rumors about the development cost of GTA 6. Some reports talk about a development cost of more than a billion dollars, and other reports talk about 2 billion dollars.

If this information is true, we could see Rockstar charging a price above $70 for the base version of the game. Versions with additional content may also be released at a slightly higher cost in order to improve returns.

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