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Hamas sends a message to the Palestinian people: words cannot express your kindness and generosity

The Hamas movement has sent a message to the Palestinian people in general and to the people of Gaza in particular, in which it affirms that the blessed battle of the “Flood of Al-Aqsa” was a strategic shift at a pivotal historical moment in the history of Palestine. Palestinian cause.

The letter, of which Al-Osbaa obtained a copy, read: “You have endured what the nations before you could not do, and you have written, O our people and our people, with your blood what all the historians have not been able to write. You have done well, dishonored your enemy and created in the blessed battle of the flood of Al-Aqsa an unprecedented and rarely equaled glory.

The letter states that the movement works in all directions and fights in all areas with the Palestinian factions, and strives to correct the missteps and errors that have occurred and continue to occur as a result of the genocidal war .

The message was addressed to the Zionist occupation, saying: “You have succeeded in achieving a great and overwhelming victory by revealing the face of crime and terrorism. »

And to the text of the message

In the name of God the Merciful

(Moses said to his people, “Seek God’s help and be patient. For the earth belongs to God. He leaves it as an inheritance to whomever He wills among his servants. And the final result belongs to the righteous.) great truth of God

Children of our Palestinian people… Honorable people of Gaza:

The pen is incapable of writing, words are incapable of expressing your grace and generosity, the entire universe is incapable of achieving your steadfastness and steadfastness, and Hamas, its brigades and its resistance are incapable of accomplishing your patience and your sacrifices, even though he is of you and for you, and he sacrificed the souls of his livers, the best of his youth, and his greatest leaders with you, then the blood flowed in the valleys for irrigate the land of the homeland and it will grow, God willing. glorious and noble victory worthy of your sacrifices.

Hamas sends a message to the Palestinian people: words cannot express your kindness and generosity

The blessed battle against Al-Aqsa floods came as a strategic shift at a crucial historical moment in the history of the Palestinian cause, during which the leadership of the resistance in Gaza decided, in the midst of the siege, to exercise its right to resist the occupation by naturally responding to its crimes in the occupied West Bank, by dividing it and building Zionist settlements there, and by Judaizing the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque, dividing it and taking over control of Jerusalem with its mosques and churches. the practice of racial discrimination against our people in the occupied interior, the brutal and continued aggression against our free prisoners, and the expansion of its presence and its spread in the region as if Israel was preparing to control the region in all the domains, and under an extremist Zionist government.

– This message, O our people, our people and a quarter of us everywhere, we send it to you from the middle of the battle against the flood of Al-Aqsa, out of pride, out of honor and out of honor for you, what nations you have endured. Before, you were unable to bear it. On the contrary, many countries, federations and empires collapsed in a matter of days and weeks in the face of much less than a war. The Zionist Nazi-fascist genocide is upon us in Gaza, the war. West Bank, Jerusalem, the occupied interior and everywhere, and you are still steadfast and steadfast, teaching the whole world the meaning of patience, steadfastness, love of your homeland and sacrifice for the dignity and pride of your homeland, despite your failure. and silence, leaving us alone in the face of this brutal war, as if destiny had its own men, and today it is written in your hands.

O our people and our people, you have written with your blood what all the historians could not write, all the wise could not say it, all the biographies could not mention it, all the writers were not able to list it, and not all the collections were able to mention it. to write his poetry. So you have done well and have shamed your enemy. You created, in the blessed battle of the flood of Al-Aqsa, unprecedented and unprecedented glory, so you were a unique school – the people and the resistance. to generations, generation after generation, thus all the pains will become hopes that will come true one after the other, with these days of difficulties when the enemy united his strength and his brutality to tear us from our land and burn the green and the dryness of our land. us and around us, perhaps by doing so he will fulfill his desires and dreams, he and his followers in our country or Perhaps he will prolong the lifespan of his glorious being on our earth, but God’s destinies will prevail (the crowd will be defeated and they will return).

O patient and steadfast people of Gaza:

– We are powerless before you, your sacrifices, your support, your support and your support for our resistance. We came out from the bosom of your sufferings, your pains, your torments and your sacrifices. We fought with all honor and valor. and we have seen victory written on your hands. How could she not be? When we left every camp, neighborhood, house, street and alley, we saw you competing to see who would give this country more sacrifices and efforts for the love of God. , and we saw the greatest meanings in a mother who bid farewell to her son to God as a martyr, with hooting, takbeer, cheering, praising and thanking God.

– Faced with all this, we have written our message to you with all our heart, and we are frank with you in telling you that, faced with your pain and the greatness of your sacrifices, we are totally incapable of thanking you or of bring what is necessary in terms of loyalty to you, and that we work in all directions and fight in all areas with our brothers in the Palestinian factions, perhaps by doing so we will offer you a little path to correct the situation. the missteps and mistakes that have occurred and continue to occur as a result of the genocidal war and the systematic targeting of every step we take to improve reality and build an incubator that supports your fighters and mujahideen among your sons who came out of your loins and your bellies. Maybe this way we can continue to serve you, and whatever we do, we can’t do it, but we work hard in commissions. There are many emergencies to correct governmental, humanitarian, humanitarian ways. security and economic work. We were right or wrong, and we will keep trying until God decides something that was already in effect.

We send a special message to our mothers, sisters and daughters…

You are the title of the stage and the protected honor of the nation, and you are the best women of this earth, and you, God willing, are the symbol of victory, for we know how much pain you have endured , how much pain you have faced, and what loss to your loved ones, with which the hearts of men have become grieved, so what about your situation, but from us we salute you, but from us we thank you and appreciate you, and we ask God. To help us fulfill your rights and fulfill your patience, and may God heal your breasts in the hands of the Mujahideen.

– In conclusion: we say to the Zionist occupation: you have managed to achieve a great and overwhelming victory by revealing the true face of crime and terrorism of your ephemeral entity, which we would be incapable of doing if we sat still for years of discovering it. do it, but you gave a gift with your Nazi behavior that revealed your true nature to the whole world. You were able to advance and penetrate under the massacre of thousands of civilians and the scorched earth of the neighborhoods and towns of Gaza, destroying (hospitals). , schools, mosques, churches, infrastructure, universities, civil and governmental institutions and international facilities), targeting teams (medical, humanitarian, governmental and international) and closing passages and land outlets. But our question is this. : Can you stay at your occupation sites for a while or continue your ground operations? In safety, can you build fortifications to protect yourself from our resistance or experience a moment of security in our country?! We will not answer you, but we will make our answer what you see, not what you hear, and then believers will rejoice in God’s victory and heal the hearts of a believing people.

)God is often on command, but most people don’t know it(.

Peace, mercy and blessings of God

Leadership of the Islamic Resistance Movement – Hamas

Friday: 16 Dhul-Qi’dah 1445 AH

Corresponding to: May 24, 2024 AD

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