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Hamas sends a message to the people of Gaza

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The Islamic resistance movement “Hamas” sent a message to the Palestinian people in general, and to the people of Gaza in particular, expressing its pride and pride in its firmness in the face of “the Nazi-fascist-Zionist war of annihilation against We “. in Gaza, the West Bank, Jerusalem, the occupied interior and everywhere. »

Hamas said: “The pen is incapable of writing, words are incapable of expressing your grace and generosity, the entire universe is incapable of achieving your steadfastness and steadfastness, and Hamas, its brigades and its resistance are unable to fulfill your patience and sacrifices. , even if they are of you and for you, and they sacrificed their lives, the best of their youth and their greatest leaders with you, the blood therefore flowed in the valleys to irrigate the homeland and, if God wants it, it will produce a. powerful and generous victory, worthy of your sacrifices.

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In a special message to the people of the Gaza Strip, he said: “We are powerless before you, before your sacrifices, your support and your adherence to our resistance. We have come out of the bosom of your suffering, your pain and your torment. , and sacrifices. We fought with honor and valor, and we saw victory written in your hands.

The movement asserted in the message that it was working in all directions and fighting in all areas with the Palestinian factions, adding: “Perhaps we will offer you some support and show you ways to correct the missteps and the errors that have occurred and continue to occur. due to genocidal war and the systematic targeting of every step we take to improve reality and build an incubator.

She noted that she is “working hard” in the emergency committees “to correct the paths of government, humanitarian, security and economic work, but we were right and wrong, and we will continue to try until God decide something that will suit us. was already in force.

Hamas reiterated its assertion that the battle of Al-Aqsa constitutes a “strategic shift at an important historical moment in the history of the Palestinian question, noting that the resistance leaders in Gaza decided, amid the siege , to exercise their right to resist the occupation.

Hamas sent a special message to the women of Palestine, in which it said: “You are the stage title and protected honor of the nation, and you are the best women on this earth, and you, God willing , are the symbol of victory; Because we know how much suffering you have endured, how much suffering you have endured and how much the loss of your loved ones has grieved the hearts of men, so what about your situation, but from us we salute you, but we thank and appreciate, and we ask God to help us fulfill your rights and fulfill your patience, and may God heal your breasts in the hands of the mujahideen.

At the end of its message, Hamas sent a message to the Israeli occupation saying: “Can you stay for a moment in your occupation sites or continue your ground operations in complete safety?” Can you build fortifications to protect yourself from our resistance or live for a moment? security in our country?!” We will not answer you, but we will make our answer correspond to what you see and not what you hear, and then the believers will rejoice in God’s victory and heal the heart of a believing people.

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