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“He could apologize for the presidency of Al-Nasr.” This obligation shocks the journalist about Khalifa Masli Al Muammar.

Shoot – Sports critic Abdulaziz Al-Mursal revealed the identity of the person closest to the head of the Al-Nasr non-profit company, succeeding Masli Al Muammar.

Al Mouammar assumed the presidency of the non-profit company Al-Nasr, following the transfer of its ownership to the Public Investment Fund.

General Assembly elections will be held to choose the new council in the coming period.

Ibrahim Al-Muhaidib, the next president of Al-Nasr

Al-Mursal said, via the “Free Kick” platform, “Ibrahim Al-Muhaidib’s presidency of Al-Nasr is only a matter of time.

As long as the men of victory gathered around a certain figure for material and moral support, and everyone aligned with him,

Even Fahd Al-Ajlan, who was a contemporary of Prince Abdul Rahman bin Saud – may God have mercy on him – had financial confidence and, despite this,

Somehow he announced his withdrawal from the race, and Khairallah and Abdulaziz Baghlaf also announced their support for Ibrahim Al-Muhaidib.

It is best if support is directed towards a specific party.”

On the other hand, critic Suleiman Al-Lazzam pointed out that until the problem is definitively resolved, things could happen in the final meters.

Al-Muhaidib could apologize for assuming the presidency of Al-Nasr, and Al-Mursal responded by asking: “Who can come and inject the club at least 20 million?”

Al-Lazzam commented: “There are many men who want to do something for Al-Nasr, and the club has received a lot of support.

This season and the result have not been satisfactory for the big fans of Al-Nasr, unless they manage to win the King’s Cup.

Satisfaction may be relatively high for Christian audiences.

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“He could apologize for the presidency of Al-Nasr.”  This obligation shocks the journalist about Khalifa Masli Al Muammar.

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