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Head of the Peasants’ Union: The relaunch of the Toshka project increases the agricultural area and contributes to increasing production

Head of the Peasants' Union: The relaunch of the Toshka project increases the agricultural area and contributes to increasing production

Hussein Abdel Rahman Abu Saddam, head of the General Farmers Union, confirmed that President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi’s directives to revive the Toshka project aim to increase agricultural area and increase agricultural production so as to increase agricultural exports Egyptians and contribute to ensuring food security. .

Abu Saddam added, in a statement, that the Toshka project is an excellent opportunity to realize the dreams of agricultural investors due to the availability of virgin land, water and infrastructure, stressing that Toshka is located in the south of ‘Aswan and its agricultural area. exceeds half a million acres, and another half a million acres can be reclaimed and cultivated, and there is plenty of land. We are close to growing most of the staple crops we need.

The head of the General Farmers’ Union indicated that the state is moving towards an integrated agricultural, industrial and commercial project, stressing that the directives of President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi are part of the state’s plan for horizontal expansion, cultivation and desert reclamation. cultivated land and rationalization of water consumption to increase the cultivated areas by about 4 million acres in the coming period, during the giant national project (the New Delta) aimed at adding about 2.5 million acres ‘new acres and the Egyptian countryside project to cultivate and reclaim one and a half million acres, in addition to the Toshka project, which will add approximately 500,000 acres to the agricultural area. The Egyptian state is striving with all its might to rebuild the desert in all regions of the Republic by reclaiming viable land for agriculture in Sinai. and East Al-Uwaynat and to help squatters legalize their land while recovering stolen public land and preventing encroachments on agricultural land.

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The head of the Farmers Union added that the Toshka project provides millions of job opportunities, increases agricultural production and helps increase Egyptian agricultural exports, which will reduce prices of agricultural products for citizens and increase income farmers, and will also help in the development of industries based on agricultural products.

He pointed out that most of the project lands are irrigated with agricultural drainage water treated with modern methods and that more than a million palm trees of the most beautiful species are planted there. The state aspires to increase the number of palm trees in the project to around 2.5 million palm trees.

He added that switching from flood irrigation of agricultural land to modern irrigation methods saves millions of cubic meters of water, giving the possibility of cultivating twice the land currently cultivated, and that the tendency to cultivate types of crops which consume little water and which distribute little water the cultivation of water-hungry species is a necessity, as is the increase in the areas devoted to the cultivation of beet instead of sugar cane, the cultivation of dry rice, the planting of bunicam instead of clover and the identification of areas of bananas and crops with high water consumption.

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