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Head of the Teachers' Union: We have an appropriate financing environment to enable youth entrepreneurship 2024 - drweud
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Head of the Teachers’ Union: We have an appropriate financing environment to enable youth entrepreneurship

Head of the Teachers' Union: We have an appropriate financing environment to enable youth entrepreneurship

Khalaf Al-Zanati, Head of the Teachers’ Union and President of the National Union of Teachers

Khalaf Al-Zanati, President of the Teachers’ Union and President of the Arab Teachers’ Union, highlighted the need to unite all efforts to support small and micro businesses, emphasizing the provision of an appropriate financing environment to enable the youth entrepreneurship, which must be exploited and built.

This happened during the awareness conference on the creation of small and medium enterprises, today Saturday, at the headquarters of the Teachers’ Sub-Union of Menoufia, in the presence of Dr. Sayed Khalifa, head of the Agricultural Union, Mohamed Barakat , undersecretary of the Ministry of Agriculture of Menoufia, Dr. Mohamed Sobhi, vice-president of the Development Agency of Medium, Small and Micro Enterprises of Menoufia, and Ali Ibrahim Abdel is a member of the General Federation of Egyptian Trade Unions , and a number of them. members of the teaching and agricultural unions of Menoufia, as part of the protocol signed between the teaching and agricultural unions and the Small and Micro Enterprise Support Agency to raise awareness of entrepreneurship.

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The head of the Teachers’ Union explained that everyone followed the approach of President Abdel Fattah El-Sissi, as part of the initiative he launched to develop the agricultural sector and strengthen its role in achieving development sustainable, noting that food security is the way forward. preserve dignity, achieve justice and ensure freedom and integrity of decision-making.

He said the medium and small scale projects aim to create an industrial climate and provide employment opportunities to young graduates in the open labor market, thereby opening up greater production and manufacturing horizons for them.

The president of the Teachers’ Union indicated that there is an effort to provide new services with a new idea, to graduates of colleges, institutes and agricultural schools, through training that allows them to maximize the idea of independent work and travel. from consumption policy to productivity, in accordance with the memorandum of understanding between the teachers and agricultural unions and the Small and Medium Enterprises Development Agency. Micro and micro projects to raise awareness of entrepreneurship.

Al-Zanati added that the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Authority will provide all financial support and training for all projects that include agricultural, livestock, poultry and fish production and all complementary industries to these projects, at prices cost or with a small profit margin for farmers, teachers and their families, depending on the distribution plans in the targeted governorates.

For his part, Dr. Sayed Khalifa, head of the Agricultural Union, congratulated Egyptian teachers on the election of Khalaf El-Zanati, head of the Teachers’ Union, as president of the Arab Teachers’ Union for the third consecutive session, this which constitutes a great appreciation of Egypt’s regional and international role.

The head of the Agricultural Union and general secretary of the Union of African Agricultural Engineers explained that the state still relies on the agricultural sector and there are openings in Toshka, about 700,000 acres in Toshka, of which 300 000 acres of wheat.

He stressed that the State seeks to ensure food security and that we must have small and micro-projects in the countryside to improve the economic situation.

He noted that the protocol signed between the teachers and agricultural unions and the Small Business Agency aims to carry out awareness campaigns in all governorates, through committees formed by the agency and the two unions, and that There are new trends in the country to have a partnership between the government, represented by the agency, and civil society, represented by the agency.

“Khalifa” highlighted the effective start of awareness raising in the governorates of Egypt through the governorates of Ismailia, Fayoum and today in Menoufia, saying: “We will go to the rest of the governorates, to motivate young people to create small and micro projects, to work on increasing the agricultural area, increasing production capacity and ensuring food security.

In turn, Ihab Hegazy, regional director of the Menoufia Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Development Agency, said that the Agency seeks to develop the human element and support the national economy in line with the vision of the State in matters of sustainable development, in cooperation with our national government. the partners.

He highlighted the agency’s efforts to develop the legislative environment, develop the agency’s credit and financing policy, develop human resources, set the agency’s annual goals and expand the implementation of courses of entrepreneurship, emphasizing that the target groups are young graduates, entrepreneurs, experienced people, professionals and artisans capable of managing small projects and the most needy groups, such as women and people of determination.

He noted that the funded projects are existing and new industrial projects, renewable energy projects, branding projects, innovation and entrepreneurship projects, commercial projects, agricultural development projects, services and artisanal and manual projects… by reviewing certain project models, such as crop production projects and animal and dairy production projects, where financing is done by direct bank financing.

In his speech, Bassem Khamis, president of the Menoufia teachers’ sub-union, stressed the importance of participating in raising awareness of the initiative to create medium, small and micro-enterprises, saying: “We are partners in the development and improvement this takes place between the teachers’ and farmers’ unions and the medium, small and micro enterprise development agency.

Abdel Wahed Moussa, head of the Menoufia Agricultural Union, explained that the development of the small and micro-enterprise sector in the governorate plays an effective role in providing great opportunities to young people in the governorate.

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