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Hebrew media: Israel had nothing to do with Iranian president’s helicopter crash

Hebrew media: Israel had nothing to do with Iranian president's helicopter crash

Iranian President’s Helicopter Crash.. The Cairo News Channel reported in urgent news, citing Israeli media, that Israeli officials admitted that Israel had nothing to do with the helicopter crash of Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi.

The Iranian Red Crescent confirmed that bad weather was slowing the search for the helicopter carrying the president and his companions.

The Iranian Red Crescent added that the potential accident site had been identified and rescue teams were already heading in its direction.

Iranian President’s Helicopter Crash

It is noted that the helicopter carrying Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi was involved in an accident today, Sunday, and rescue teams began to identify the accident site as soon as they received the news and tried to save him.

Iran’s Tasnim agency later reported that the exact location of the presidential helicopter was determined near the village of Uzi, located in the Arsparan forests in East Azerbaijan province, and that the Research was still underway to save him.

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