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Hezbollah targets occupation sites, its equipment and gatherings of its soldiers 2024 - drweud

Hezbollah targets occupation sites, its equipment and gatherings of its soldiers

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On Saturday, the Islamic Resistance in Lebanon carried out a series of operations targeting various targets of the Israeli occupation on the border with occupied Palestine and in the north, in support of the steadfast Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip and in support of their resistance .

The resistance confirmed having targeted the headquarters of the “Liman” battalion of the occupying “army” with artillery shells, noting that these directly hit the headquarters.

The resistance also targeted Al-Baghdadi’s position, with artillery shells, and hit him directly. A few hours before this targeting, the resistance had targeted, with an attack helicopter, a position of Israeli soldiers in the same location.

The Islamic Resistance in Lebanon announced that its mujahideen targeted the Ras Naqoura naval site with artillery shells

The resistance also targeted another position of soldiers of the occupying “army” inside a room of the “Rameem” barracks, with an attack that directly hit the gathering.

The Islamic Resistance in Lebanon claimed responsibility for targeting a deployment of soldiers of the occupying “army” west of the Raheb site with missiles, and with weapons of the same type, it targeted the Al-Samaqa site in the Lebanese hills of Kfar Shuba, noting that the Israeli site was directly hit.

The resistance announced that it had targeted the newly developed spy equipment at the Pranit barracks and the spy equipment at the Ramta site, with appropriate weapons that hit the targets and led to their destruction at both Israeli sites.

It also targeted new spy equipment installed on a crane at the Israeli site of Hadab Yarin, leading to injuries and its destruction. It also targeted and destroyed technical systems and espionage equipment at the Israeli monks’ site.

The Islamic Resistance’s military media published scenes documenting its targeting of spy sites and equipment belonging to the occupying “army” on Lebanon’s southern border with occupied Palestine.

Earlier, the resistance announced that its mujahideen had targeted a gathering of occupation soldiers near the “Branit” barracks with missiles, confirming that a direct hit had been achieved.

As the resistance continues its support operations in Gaza, while Israeli aggression has continued for approximately 8 months, Israeli media have been talking about the expansion of Hezbollah’s offensive capabilities since the start of the war.

She explained that capacity expansion occurs on two levels: the first concerns the expansion of the reach achieved and the second concerns the tools used.

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