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His strong and distinguished speech at the Organization for Cooperation Summit in Riyadh attracted great global admiration. 2024 - drweud
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His strong and distinguished speech at the Organization for Cooperation Summit in Riyadh attracted great global admiration.

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In addition to his consistency with Iranian policy of support for Palestine since the Islamic Revolution in Iran, the martyred Iranian president was at the forefront of support for the Palestinian cause at all levels.

He affirmed, on all international occasions and forums, and even during his tours, visits, meetings and activities, his full support for the rights of the Palestinian people.

Highlighting the injustice done to him by the Israeli entity and Western countries, especially the United States, he called for the formation of a global coalition from different continents to defend the Palestinian people against Israeli crimes.

Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi’s message to the Palestinians while attending the “West Bank, Jerusalem Shield” festival in the Gaza Strip represented a precedent that no previous Iranian president had set.

As for the martyred president’s speech at the emergency meeting of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation in Riyadh, described as remarkable, strong and distinguished, it impressed most Arab and other observers.

Especially regarding the presentation of the martyred president, from the summit platform, who wore the Palestinian keffiyeh… several proposals to take practical measures, considering that Gaza is not a space for words, but that it must be a place of action and that the unity of Islamic countries is very important.

About a week before his departure, during his meeting with a crowd of prominent writers and literary and cultural figures from the Islamic world who came to Iran to participate in the 35th Tehran International Book Fair, the martyred president assessed that firmness and the resistance of the Palestinian people and the efforts of the resistance front require a correct narrative.

This novel requires the efforts of poets, writers and cultural figures of the Islamic world during this cognitive war and cultural invasion. End his life with a long record of honorable positions on the Palestinian question and the issues of the Islamic nation.

Details in the attached video…

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