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How did the Iranian people overcome the ordeal of the loss of President Raïssi?

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This common denominator was particularly striking in the riots that occurred in Iran in 2022, following the death of Iranian citizen Mahsa Amini, where the media regurgitated a single phrase: “The Islamic Republic is on the verge of falling,” while the The truth on the ground was not. Furthermore, although the riots continued for a relatively long period of time, they revealed the reality of the rioters, who had no other objective than to sow chaos by targeting public places, attacking police and staff security and burning cars, mosques, banks and public and private properties, in an attempt to show that the situation in Iran has gotten out of control and that the lack of security is in control.

The Iranian government, relying on the people and their conscious presence in the arena, was able to control the riots, arrest the rioters, and then release most of them, especially those who were deceived, exception of those whose involvement in a murder has been proven. , or that they were acting in light of orders they received from foreign intelligence services or anti-revolutionary groups. Thus, the Iranian government revealed the true face of the American and Western media, which brandished and still brandish the slogan of objectivity. They have sedition platforms, shovels for demolition and means to implement the plans of their country’s intelligence services, including the American CIA and the Israeli Mossad.

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The Iranian people are ahead in determining their fate and will be present in the elections

Through this introduction, we wanted to show the destructive and malicious role of the American, Western and Israeli media in their treatment of the Iranian question and how they attempt to target the security and stability of the country, by broadcasting and spreading lies, by exaggerating ordinary issues, by giving them a political and security character, and by showing Iran as a troubled and unstable country, but what saved us from dwelling on this issue are two things. The first is the revelation of the ugly face of the West, particularly America. , when Western governments barbarically repressed the peaceful demonstrations of students and intellectual elites against the massacres of the Israeli entity in Gaza, thus revealing the falsity of Western slogans on freedom of expression and human rights . Even uglier than that is the coverage of these peaceful student protests by Western media, which has long complained about human rights and free speech in Iran and anti-U.S. countries, which exposed the Western media in front of their people, especially its intellectual and student elite.

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A military checkpoint has been set up east of Ramallah and the Rafah and Kerem Shalom crossings remain closed

The second and most important thing is what happened in Iran in recent days, when the Iranian people lost in one day their president, their foreign minister and a number of officials in a plane crash in East Azerbaijan province. the West would have constructed countless stories and lies about this to undermine security and stability in Iran, but what happened was the opposite of what the West, America and the Israeli entity had hoped for , which has been described as unstable and turbulent. , has proven to be one of the most stable and secure countries in the world. Millions of Iranians took to the streets to mourn those responsible, while delegations from around 70 countries around the world gathered in Tehran to take part in the funeral ceremony. Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi and his honorable comrades as well as the UN Security Council observed a minute of silence in mourning for the Iranian President, and on the very day of the announcement of the martyrdom of the President of the Iranian Republic, a date limit was set at 50. days to hold new presidential elections, to elect a new president, and neither America nor the Israeli entity was able to exploit what happened to serve their unfortunate interests .

This is the true face of Iran, strong, stable and secure, which America and its cronies have always tried to hide from world public opinion, as happened during the riots of 2022. Credit of its stability goes to the Islamic system based on Institutions, elections, the peaceful transfer of power and popular religious sovereignty are at the head of all these institutions the presence of the leader of the Islamic revolution, Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khamenei, considered the safety valve of Islam. Republic of Iran. His short sentence, which he uttered immediately after the Iranian people heard the news of the crash of the President of the Republic’s plane, was: “ “We assure the Iranian people that there is no need to worry, because there will be no disruption to the work of the country”, is enough to close all outlets to those hiding in Iran and to the Iranian people.

Ahmed Mohamed

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Wide international and popular interaction with the farewell of the martyred Iranian president and his companions
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