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How to exempt a car from customs? Know the conditions

Car exempt from customs 2024The Ministry of Social Solidarity has set certain conditions that allow citizens to obtain a customs-exempt car, so the rates of citizens’ search for ways to obtain a customs-exempt car have increased.

How to get a tax-free car?

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Conditions for obtaining a customs cleared car in 2024

The Ministry of Social Solidarity has set a set of conditions for people with disabilities to obtain a customs-exempt car, which is exempt from taxes and possible fees imposed on cars, as follows:

– The applicant must be of Egyptian nationality.

– The applicant must pass the medical examination.

– The applicant holds an integrated services card.

– The car must be registered in the name of the disabled person.

– The equipment of the car must comply with the medical report established by the commissions.

How to exempt a car from customs?  Know the conditions
Conditions for obtaining a car for disabled people

Steps to obtain a car exempt from customs

– Connect to the website of the Egyptian Ministry of Health and Population by clicking on Here.

– Make an appointment for a medical examination.

– Write the required basic data, represented by: (national identity card – integrated services card number – marital status of the beneficiary – detailed address of the applicant – job held by the applicant – telephone number to communicate).

– Determine the type of disability, whether it is (motor, hearing, visual, mental, psychological, blood diseases) and others.

– Choose the date of the medical visit.

Determine the location of the medical examination.

– Choose the customs office from which you wish to collect the car.

– After the medical examination, the fitness to drive a vehicle is determined.

– The traffic department checks the documents and if they are correct, an approval letter is issued to the car owner.

– After completing the procedures, the car owner purchases a new car from one of the authorized dealers.

How to exempt a car from customs?  Know the conditions
Broken down car

Types of disabilities that allow you to get a tax-free car

– Intellectual disability: “mental retardation or autism”.

– Visual impairments: “blindness or severe visual impairment”.

– Hearing impairment: “deafness or severe hearing impairment”.

– Psychological disability: “mental illnesses which affect the ability to drive. »

– Motor disability: “hemiplegia or quadriplegia, or loss of lower limbs”.

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Conditions for obtaining a customs-free car

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