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Humane seeks buyer one month after launch of its AI pin 2024 - drweud

Humane seeks buyer one month after launch of its AI pin

Bloomberg reported that emerging technology company Humane is looking to sell its entire business, just a month after launching its artificial intelligence pin (AI Pin).

This device can be described as a wearable “personal assistant button”, as it is a small device that attaches to clothing and was designed for a very specific purpose, that of providing quick access to a artificial intelligence assistant.

According to Bloomberg, Humane is currently working with a financial advisor and hopes to sell its company for between $750 million and $1 billion.

Although the company has already managed to generate great interest and raise $230 million from high-profile investors, the $1 billion figure may seem exaggerated, especially after the heavy criticism that has been aimed at the pine of artificial intelligence at its launch.

For example, Humane Pin’s rating in many reviews did not exceed 5 out of 10, for several reasons, including the slowness of the device and its need for several seconds to answer questions, in addition to the fact that the answers do not were sometimes irrelevant to the topic, and no better than what one could get from a quick Google search.

Some reviewers also noted that the touchpad heats up when in use, poor battery life, and difficulty controlling the screen, although this is a novel idea.

The AI ​​pin isn’t cheap either, costing $700 to purchase, plus a $24 monthly fee for access to the company’s AI technology and 4G service that runs over the telecommunications network .

Humane said in a post on its website that it is listening to diverse opinions and listed several issues it intends to focus on.

It’s worth noting that there is another dedicated AI device called the Rabbit R1, which is much cheaper at $199, but it’s still expensive, which doesn’t make it any less popular. Especially since a smartphone can easily be used to access AI tools when needed.

Bloomberg noted that Humane’s efforts to sell its business are still in the early stages and may not result in a deal at all.


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