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“I have no friends”.. watch it continues to promote the series “Reasons for Travel”

the watch it platform continues to promote A series of reasons to travel With star Amir Eid, through his official account on the social network “Facebook”, including strong reactions to the broadcast of the first episodes.

Watch It shared a clip of the scenes Reasons for travel On her Facebook account, she commented: “I have no friends. The original WATCH IT series Reasons for Traveling now airs two episodes every Wednesday at midnight. »

Events in the Reasons to Travel series

Events take place A series of reasons to travel About Ibrahim, whose character is played by the artist Kamel Al-Basha, who faints and falls to the ground, which pushes his young neighbor Ali, played by Amir Eid, to take him to the hospital , Ibrahim decides to change his life, and. Ali helps him do this and begins a journey with him in which they have a friendship similar to a father-son relationship, and events ensue.

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Heroes of the Reasons to Travel series

The Reasons for Travel series, with: Amir Eid, Nadine, Kamel Al-Basha, Ahmed Ghazi, Ahmed Fadel, Ayman Al-Shiwi, Donia Wael, Salma Al-Kashef, Nader Gouda, Aya Helmy, Adam Al-Alfi, Maryam Naoum , Jala Hisham and Yasmine Samir, written and directed by Muhammad Nair. The series consists of 10 episodes.

WATCH IT celebrates the success of the “Reasons for Travel” series

WATCH IT shared, through its account on the social network “Instagram”, a group of photos of audience comments on the first two episodes of the series, and commented: “About the series Reasons for Traveling, from the series Reasons for Traveling, one of WATCH IT’s original works, now airs two episodes every Wednesday at midnight.

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Kamel Al-Basha reveals to “La Semaine” the details of his participation in the “Reasons to travel” series

The “Watch It” platform promotes the character of Amir Eid in the series “Reasons for Travel” (photos)

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