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In simple and easy steps, discover ways to clean and scent your home 2024 - drweud
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In simple and easy steps, discover ways to clean and scent your home

In simple and easy steps, discover ways to clean and scent your home

In simple and easy steps, discover ways to clean and scent the house, as all parts of the house are taken care of, including bedrooms, reception room, kitchen and bathrooms, as well as walls and floors. be left after cleaning unless a set of scented materials is applied.

House cleaning

Cleaning and arranging the house is an important matter, not only to remove dust, but also because cleaning the house means protecting family members from infectious diseases caused by insects that exist due to lack of cleanliness. necessary and cannot be suppressed or neglected.

Room cleaning

When cleaning the rooms, it is necessary to get rid of the dust that may be present in the corners, and care should also be taken to clean the curtains and carpets if they are present in the rooms.

It is important to clean mattresses, either with steam and a dryer, or with dry foam, or even with a vacuum cleaner, to rid them of insects that may be present.

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The cabinets are also cleaned and tidy, and any objects that could be scattered on the floor are eliminated, taking care to apply sanitizers at the end of the work, as well as sterile equipment.

Cleaning of boardrooms

Cleaning boardrooms is important, especially since they are only used infrequently. It is therefore necessary to eliminate dust and insects that may be found in the corners, such as spiders. Closets should be opened and windows should be opened to clean them. freshen the air in the room.

The guest bedroom is one of the least used places in the house and therefore does not require as much effort when cleaning as during the polishing process, where dust is removed, whether from furniture or using polishing materials or fabrics. by washing.

Kitchen cleaning

One of the most difficult parts of the cleaning process is cleaning the kitchen, for several reasons, including:

– Get rid of grease that accumulates, including in cupboards and on the stove or oven.

– Also get rid of any leftover food that could accumulate here or there.

– Many cupboards and shelves in the kitchen where insects can hide.

– The presence of drains from which insects can emerge.

When cleaning the kitchen we have to get rid of all this, that is, close the sewers, remove waste and food remains, and we also have to use powerful cleaning products that remove grease.

Kitchen marble should also be cleaned with materials suitable for its type, whether natural marble or artificial marble.

Taking care of cleaning the kitchen also means paying attention to the kitchen floor and getting rid of any stains there.

– As well as cleaning household appliances inside the kitchen, such as the stove, oven and hood.

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Bathroom cleaning

Cleaning the bathroom takes a lot of effort, but that effort can be reduced when you follow several steps, including:

Water that accumulates under sinks must be removed, which causes the accumulation of many insects that like damp places.

Bad odors in the bathroom should also be eliminated by applying scented materials after the cleaning process.

– Bathroom sets are fully cleaned, such as sinks, bathroom seats and bathtubs, as well as walls, using powerful cleaning powders.

– Bathroom appliances, such as heater, hand dryer, soap bottle, etc., are also cleaned.

One of the important things is to clean the windows and doors of the bathroom, such as the bathtub door, if applicable, as well as the shower curtain.

Cleaning the house can be done in simple steps when it is tidy, and many tools and equipment are used in the cleaning process, including vacuum cleaners, brushes and traditional tools, making the task easier than before.

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