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In the presence of 20 ministries and government agencies…the “Caisec’24” conference-exhibition brings together cybersecurity leaders from around the world 2024 - drweud
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In the presence of 20 ministries and government agencies…the “Caisec’24” conference-exhibition brings together cybersecurity leaders from around the world

In the presence of 20 ministries and government agencies…the “Caisec’24” conference-exhibition brings together cybersecurity leaders from around the world

Mercury Communications, organizer of the Caisec’24 information security and cybersecurity conference and exhibition, announced the launch of the third edition of the most specialized event in electronic security technologies and innovations in the Middle East and Africa region, Caisec’24.

It will be held for two days, June 3-4, 2024, at the Nile Ritz-Carlton Hotel, under the patronage of Prime Minister Dr. Mostafa Madbouly, in cooperation with the Arab Organization for Communication and Communication Technologies. information (ECTOA). ), and with the participation of more than 20 Egyptian ministries, agencies and government institutions, and dozens of Arab and international ministries, entities and companies.

The event will be launched with the support of the Supreme Council for Cybersecurity of the Council of Ministers, the Ministries of Communications and Information Technology, Military Production, Civil Aviation, Higher Education and scientific research, transport, supply and internal trade, finance, health. and population, electricity and renewable energy, the Central Bank of Egypt and the Administrative Supervisory Authority, the Financial Supervisory Authority, the National Planning Institute, the General Authority for Investment and free zones, the Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics, the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP), the MSECB company specializing in the accreditation of management systems and the granting of quality certificates (ISO ), and the Cloud Computing Security Alliance (CSA Egypt Branch), and the Information Security Organization ISSA (Egypt Branch). .

Under the slogan “Securing the Future”, the 2024 edition of the Caisec’24 conference and exhibition launches an advanced stage of cybersecurity activities in the region, building on the experiences gained from the success of the two previous editions, by bringing together all the active players. players from insurance technology sectors and systems across the world, to enable visitors to the event to learn about the most important technical threats, best practices and methods to deal with them, the latest trends, solutions and strategies practices in the cybersecurity sector, and new generations of innovations designed to face the dangers of the future.

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Caisec’24 starts with the participation of more than 150 speakers, 40 exhibiting companies and 4,500 visitors, who contribute, through 110 sessions, to providing rare treasures of knowledge in the fields of information security and protection against digital risks and cyber threats, as they present their visions and practical experiences through rich roundtables, professional workshops and presentations. A more in-depth and easier to understand presentation.

The list of Caisec’24 participants reveals the great importance it has in government and investment decision-making circles and circles in Egypt, the Middle East and North Africa, since the Egyptian Ministry of Defense participates in it with 14 of its departments, organizations and academies. and colleges, including the Military Research Authority and the Department of Defense Systems, Signal Management and National Emergency and Public Safety Network.

Egyptian civil organizations with great weight at the executive, supervisory and legislative levels also participate, notably the Information and Decision Support Center of the Council of Ministers, the Suez Canal Authority, the Egyptian Stock Exchange, the Egyptian Space Agency and ministries. of Justice, Interior and Education, as well as members of the House of Representatives.

Caisec’24 hosts a high-level elite group of representatives from government agencies, ministries and bodies from countries in the region, including representatives from the Saudi Ministry of Antiquities, the Ministries of Interior and the Kingdom of Petroleum. Bahrain, from the Kuwaiti Ministry of Oil. , and the Central Bank of Oman.

A group of leading international institutions and entities wanted to actively participate in the third edition of the Caisec’24 Information Security and Cybersecurity Conference and Exhibition. Among the most important of these global organizations and institutions are all international networks organizing technological security. Sectors from around the world participate, including branches of both organizations, ISACA and ACFE.

Caisec’24, in its third edition this year, addresses a group of vital and most important topics in the cybersecurity sectors, including methods of preparing for the increase in cyberattacks at the national level, cyberthreat monitoring, developing cybercriminal strategies and strengthening digital banking defenses.

The event also addresses issues of cyber resilience in the financial sector, the role of governance and risk management in protecting organizations, key security challenges in the communications sector, detection of deep fakes, and everything related to cloud computing security, ransomware, generative artificial intelligence, digital transformation, and other very important topics.

As part of Caisec’24 activities, a number of specialized workshops will be organized in the banking, fintech, operational technology, oil and gas and government sectors, in addition to the workshops of the “Open Web Application Security” project. (OWASP).

Osama Kamal, CEO of Mercury Communications, said that cybersecurity has become one of the top priorities on the agendas of countries and companies, especially in the Middle East region, which is going through a stage of enormous technical progress at the level of digital transformation and the giant projects it involves in terms of data centers, artificial intelligence technologies and cloud computing. All these transformations have imposed the need to broaden the bringing together of all stakeholders to present an exceptional version of the Caisec’24 Conference and Exhibition.

He added: “Our region has not seen as much interest in cybersecurity issues as it does today, to the point where this issue is often brought up in conversations and meetings with executives, business leaders and investors in the region, and it has become very clear that the most advanced countries in this area are the ones that will be the most attractive for investments. ” “The international community is best placed to shoulder responsibility for protecting its national security and is most ready to seize opportunities in the future. That is why we have put a lot of effort and dedication to launch a unique version of the Caisec’24 Conference and Exhibition, and we hope that it will be the most ideal event to inspire everyone who is interested in the sector .

For his part, Engineer Mohammed bin Omar, Director General of the Arab Communications and Information Technology Organization (ECTOA), said that the rapidly accelerating field of cybersecurity requires us to protect our assets digital with more than just a one-size-fits-all solution, but it requires a continued commitment to innovation, insight and adaptability.

He continued: “We believe that we must all come together to develop proactive defense strategies, because the Arab region’s progress in this area depends on our ability to anticipate and confront emerging threats, which ensures that we Let’s stay at the forefront of this rapidly developing field. scene.”

He continued: “We, in the organization, started this journey from the first steps, developing the Joint Arab Strategy for Cybersecurity over the past year, and today we are convinced that our Efforts will be strengthened in cooperation with Mercury in the organization of Caisec. ’24, and we believe that together we will move forward better, faster and further, towards a more secure Arab digital future.

It is worth noting that this year’s edition of the Caisec’24 conference and exhibition is launched under the sponsorship of an elite group of leading international companies specializing in the field of cybersecurity, among which Dell Technologies as official sponsor, ICTMisr and IoTMisr as diamond sponsors. , Delta Electronic Systems as a platinum sponsor, Cyshield as a strategic sponsor and MasterCard digital payment partner, Huawei and Cyber ​​Knight are major sponsors.

The list of gold sponsors includes Force Point, Netwitness, Telecom Alkan, Nozomi Networks, Kaspersky, TXOne Networks, GTS, Barq Systems Egypt, IDEMIA and Group IP.

The Silver sponsorship list also includes Ivanti, Promon, Qualys and Cyberbit, in addition to title sponsors Raya Information Technology and Cisco, e-Finance, a technology partner, and Fortinet, a security partner, in addition to the Commercial sponsorship. International Bank – Egypt (CIB), being the official bank of the event, Orange is a communication partner, as well as many other companies.

Among the list of most important exhibitors at Caisec’24 are emt, Fortra, Crowdstrike, UTIMACO, GTB Technology, KlayyTech and Secunet, as well as a diverse group of leading companies in the field of cybersecurity solutions.

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