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In the presence of a member of administrative control… the case of trafficking of American minors was postponed for the second time

In the presence of a member of administrative control... the case of trafficking of American minors was postponed for the second time

The Criminal Court of Terrorism and Human Trafficking, headed by Counselor Sameh Abdel Hakam, President of the Court, and composed of Counselor Abdul Rahman Safwat Al-Husseini, Counselor Yasser Okasha Al-Matnawi and Counselor Muhammad Marhi, decided to postpone the matter. trafficking of minors of American nationality across national borders in pornographic material at a session on Saturday July 27 to summon the prosecution witness, a member of the Administrative Control Authority, to hear his testimony, the public prosecutor was charged with announce it. the accused continued to be detained during the same session.

It was proven that the accused was involved in the exploitation of minor girls of American nationality by producing pornographic materials and publishing them on the Internet, since the American Embassy in Cairo submitted a report to the Department of International Cooperation of the Office of the Attorney General, based on investigations carried out by the Public Prosecutor’s Office. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has reviewed reports submitted to it by several parties and individuals regarding the exploitation of the defendants, after minors of American nationality produced pornographic materials and published them on the Internet, after having confirmed the accuracy of the reports and determined. the identity of the accused, the public prosecutor requested the administrative control authority to carry out the necessary investigations.

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It was concluded that the accused was involved in one of the cases circulating in the State of New Jersey, United States of America, based on the FBI’s investigations and submission of reports from multiple parties and people.

The accused was accused of being involved in a case circulating in the state of New Jersey in the United States of America, where he sexually exploited minor girls possessing American citizenship by producing pornographic materials and publishing on the Internet during the period 2020. Until the end of 2022, the accused communicated with several minor girls possessing American nationality through electronic accounts that he had created under pseudonyms after concealing his true identity.

He was also accused of attracting and communicating with underage girls by the accused, who posed as one of the girls from the same educational or sporting establishment to ensure credibility and obtain information about his other acquaintances and the means of communicating with them. If the victims did not respond by sending their photos, the accused published their photos on their personal social media accounts after distorting and distorting them. He also collected photos of prostitutes from pornographic websites that resembled the victims’ photos or concealed their features, then created a separate file for each victim on cloud memory containing the obtained photos of the victims, in addition to the distorted photos and photos of prostitutes that looked similar to the photos of the victims. He also posted photos of some of the victims on social media and various pornographic sites.

The accused carried out his threats by sending complaints via one of the email addresses he had previously created to educational organizations and certain sports institutions to which the victims belong, in order to inform these organizations and institutions of the publication photos of them. on pornographic sites. Because he was harmed by this affair due to the presence of his daughter of the same age and in the same educational or sporting institution, he expressed his concern towards his daughter in the face of the actions of these girls, thus carrying out his threat against them, which prompted authorities and educational and sports institutions to submit official reports to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to obtain the identities of the victims. This was caused after the victims admitted to being blackmailed by an unknown person on the Internet.

Reports from the victims, their families and the educational institutions to which they belong were submitted to the Federal Investigative Agency (FBI), which fulfilled its role and identified the accused and informed the US Embassy in Cairo to take legal measures in accordance with Egyptian law.

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