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Informant: The spirit of friendship and trust that prevailed between Iran and Saudi Arabia will continue 2024 - drweud
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Informant: The spirit of friendship and trust that prevailed between Iran and Saudi Arabia will continue

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In this phone call, the Saudi Crown Prince offered his condolences for the martyrdom of Ayatollah Raisi and said that this incident that happened was very painful for us, that the death of Ayatollah Raisi hurt all our hearts and that the loss of the Iranian Foreign Ministry The minister, who was a close friend of our Foreign Minister, was also heartbreaking and added: “For Tehran, “Riyadh plays a central role in the region and in the Islamic world, and they can chart a bright future for the region by developing bilateral relations. reports.”

The Saudi Crown Prince continued: “It was necessary to offer his condolences and the arrival of the Special Representative, as well as the Saudi Minister of Foreign Affairs, to Tehran to console you, and that the approach adopted by these missing relatives to revive and developing relations will be pursued vigorously by Saudi Arabia.”

Bin Salman also announced during this telephone call his country’s desire to strengthen economic relations between the two countries.

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For his part, Mukhbar expressed in this telephone conversation his thanks for the friendly and consoling messages from the Saudi King and the Crown Prince following the tragedy of the martyrdom of Ayatollah Raisi, as well as for the participation of the special representative of the Saudi King and of the crown prince. The Minister of Foreign Affairs during the memorial ceremony of Ayatollah Raisi and his fellow martyrs added: “We have lost two important, influential and dedicated personalities as well as a number of other servants of the people while we mourn “.

Dr. Mokhber added: Continuing the neighborhood policy pursued by the Iranian government and developing relations with regional countries is the only option available to all of us, and that harmony and support between we are the guarantee of stability and support. prosperity of the region.

An informant pointed out that losing a popular and diligent president like Mr. Raisi is difficult for us, but the country’s movement will never change and the spirit of affection and trust that prevailed between Iran and Saudi Saudi Arabia during the era of Ayatollah Raisi will continue.

Mukhbar considered Iranian-Saudi relations as essential for the Islamic world, adding that these relations have reached a good level today despite the opposition of some forces, and that the region urgently needs to develop these relations and remove obstacles, particularly in the face of opposition. private sectors of both countries, and meet mutual needs in order to support these political relations, consolidate them and raise their level more than before.

Mukhbar also thanked the Saudi crown prince for the very positive order he issued to receive the Iranian pilgrims. He thanked the invitation extended to the martyred president to visit Saudi Arabia and said: “Just like our martyred president also invited you to visit Saudi Arabia. Iran, I renew the invitation to you to visit your friendly and brotherly country, Iran.

The Saudi crown prince welcomed the invitation and in return invited an informant to visit Saudi Arabia.

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