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Intensive efforts to find the last victims of the Abu Ghaleb ferry

Intensive efforts to find the last victims of the Abu Ghaleb ferry

Little girl Jana is victim of Abu Ghaleb ferry

Azza Abdel Aziz

For the fourth day in a row, Giza River Rescue Forces continue their search for the latest Abu Ghaleb ferry victim, child ‘Jana Ahmed Abdel Aleem’, after she drowned in the leeward Nile of Bahiri in the Qanater facilities. .

The frogmen, in cooperation with the fishermen, comb the area by scanning the water surface and widening the search circle, in the hope of finding the body of the young girl from the village of Sentris near the microbus sinking, especially since it is possible that the waters carried his body to another location due to the speed of the current.

The father of the missing girl

Ahmed Ta’aleb, the girl’s father, said: More than two days after the accident, the body of his only daughter has not yet been found, despite the exhausting and continuous search carried out by the two villagers, under the direction of the village mayor, Abdel Samad. Zahran, who has not left the scene of the accident since then, came in addition to the extraordinary efforts made by relevant agencies to find his daughter’s body.

The grieving father added that since the accident, Jana’s mother had fallen into a state of unconsciousness and lost her speech, except to repeat one phrase: “I want my daughter.. Let me take Janna,” in calling the appropriate agencies. to intensify search operations to find the body of his daughter in the Nile.

Sinking of the microbus

On Tuesday, May 21, security services were informed that a passenger bus (microbus) with twenty-five girls on board had fallen from the top of the ferry on both banks of Al-Riyah Al-Buhairi in Abu Ghaleb. in the area of ​​the Manshiyet Al-Qanater police station, leading to injuries and the death of a number of its independents, the public prosecutor immediately opened its investigation and began by going to the scene of the accident.

It was gathered that eleven girls had drowned and their bodies were recovered by the civil defense forces. Five were missing, seven survived and two were injured. The investigation revealed that as soon as the ferry reached its destination on the west side of the wind. , it shook – as is common – when it collided with the place where it was docked in anticipation of its stop, and because of the inaction of the captain of the bus, who refused to use his brakes and left him, the bus rolled backwards, while the bus rolled backwards. the person responsible for operating the ferry failed to close its rear iron door, which ensured that what it was carrying would not fall onto its roof, causing the bus to fall into the water. The investigation also revealed that the ferry’s operating license was held. expired since August last year.

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Intensive efforts to find the last victims of the Abu Ghaleb ferry

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