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Iranian Interior Minister: It is difficult to communicate with Ebrahim Raisi’s team

Iranian Interior Minister: It is difficult to communicate with Ebrahim Raisi's team

Iranian media reported today, Sunday, that Red Crescent drones were sent to the scene of a helicopter crash in Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi’s convoy, according to the Cairo News Channel.

For his part, Iranian Interior Minister Ahmed Vahidi confirmed that there are difficulties in communicating with the Iranian president’s team due to the geographical nature of the location, noting that a helicopter with a convoy main suffered a difficult landing.

Iran’s interior minister added that rescue teams were still on the way due to the harsh weather conditions.

Reuters reported, citing Iranian television, that a helicopter in a convoy carrying the Iranian president was involved in an accident, noting that initial reports were of a difficult landing accident for the helicopter carrying Ibrahim Raisi.

Iranian media reported on Sunday that the foreign minister and a number of officials were on the helicopter with the Iranian president, noting that one of the Iranian president’s companions said there were large hopes that the accident ends without loss of life.

Iranian media added that a large group of rescue teams were searching for the helicopter carrying the Iranian president, adding that harsh weather conditions and dense fog made the rescue teams’ efforts difficult.

She stressed that the condition of Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi’s helicopter is still unknown due to fog and bad weather conditions, according to the Cairo news channel.

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