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Is this a new industrial revolution?…Nvidia announces new projects and products linked to artificial intelligence

Is this a new industrial revolution?...Nvidia announces new projects and products linked to artificial intelligence

The president of Nvidia, the American giant specializing in the electronic chip industry, said on Sunday that projects and products linked to artificial intelligence had been launched, mentioning at the opening of the Computex exhibition in Taiwan the launch of a new “industrial revolution”. .”

Nvidia, the giant specializing in the manufacturing of electronic chips, announced on Sunday new projects and products linked to artificial intelligence.

The company’s president, Jensen Huang, said at the opening of the “Computex” exhibition in Taiwan that “the next industrial revolution has begun.”

As artificial intelligence reshuffles the cards in this sector, executives from major international companies, including Qualcomm, AMD and Intel, are also expected to speak at the 2024 edition of Computex, the main technology fair of the island, where factories are located. Semiconductors are key components of many products, from iPhones to the servers used to run GPT chat software.

Jensen explained: “Companies and countries are partnering with Nvidia to shift traditional data centers worth trillions of dollars to accelerated computing and build a new type of data centers, artificial intelligence factories, to produce a new product: artificial intelligence. »

The launch has been announced NvidiaACEa generative artificial intelligence product capable of creating human-like avatars that can be used in areas such as customer support services.

Huang also explained how some of the companies that deal with his company, including Taiwan’s Foxconn, the world leader in electronics contract manufacturing, or Siemens, the German industrial giant, use Nvidia platforms to develop independent robots supported by artificial intelligence.

Interact with the Internet and a computer

After Nvidia finally released its Blackwell platform, its CEO announced plans to release an ultra version in 2025, briefly revealing next-generation GPU architecture code called Rubin.

In a nearly two-hour speech, during which he praised the know-how of his native country at length, Jensen Huang presented a rapid roadmap for the new products. In the future, “it’s likely that almost every interaction you have with the Internet or with a computer will be generative AI running somewhere in the ‘cloud,'” he said.

He added: “Taiwan is the home of our valued partners. It’s the place where (…) everything Nvidia does begins, and we and our partners bring it to the world. Taiwan and our partnership have created the “global infrastructure for artificial intelligence.”

A day earlier, Jensen kicked off a baseball game in Taipei and had dinner Thursday with technology executives in Taiwan, including Foxconn, Apple’s main supplier.

What’s new at Computex?

Computex fans are also awaiting speeches from Lisa Su and Cristiano Amon, the presidents of AMD and Qualcomm. The first presents its plans for advanced artificial intelligence, while the second presents “what users can expect from next-generation personal computers with an accelerated AI experience”, according to the organizers.

Pat Gelsinger, CEO of the American company Intel, and Rene Haas, of the British giant ARM, will also speak. Foxconn CEO Yong Liu promised the company’s shareholders on Friday that his group would account for 40% of the global artificial intelligence server market this year.

Taiwan produces many of the world’s most advanced semiconductors, including those used in the most powerful artificial intelligence applications and research, and occupies a central position in the global supply chain.

China claims sovereignty over the autonomous island, and considers it one of its provinces, without excluding the use of force to place it under its control. In recent years, relations between Beijing and Taipei have deteriorated and China has increased military maneuvers and warnings.

Jensen Huang is very famous on the island, where his fans stop him to ask for autographs and take personal photos with him. His group, Nvidia, has become the undisputed world leader in the field of chips and devices specialized in artificial intelligence.

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