Is this a teaser for Call of Duty: Black Ops 6? A strange website appears online

If past rumors are to be believed, the next installment in the publisher’s popular launch series will be titled Call of Duty: Black Ops 6, or Gulf War as we have indicated in several reports. Recently, we’ve seen rumors about Microsoft’s plans to completely revamp its Game Pass monthly subscription service, with the developer intending to release Call of Duty: 2026 on day one on the service, and now new ones Clues are emerging that were spotted by Insider. Games. Moments ago, a new and mysterious website titled “Open Your Eyes.” “The truth lies.” It’s a somewhat confusing little clue through a series of mysterious shots. Upon entering the site, you will find an old television screen that looks a bit like the screen of a surveillance camera, and this screen contains a few buttons that you can control. In the video, we see unidentified agents spending the night outside a federal site, which is later revealed to be the Rushmore memorial. They silently mutilate the teacher in the darkness of the night, before photographing him from afar as their work is revealed. They hung banners saying “The Truth Lies” on the faces of the Rushmore Memorial heads, while a fourth banner shows the recently revealed wolf symbol to announce the upcoming Call of Duty trailer. Note: Mount Rushmore is a 60-foot-tall monument depicting the faces of four American presidents carved into granite. The presidents are George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln. The mountain is located near Keystone, South Dakota, United States. The sculpting work was supervised by Katzen Borglum and his son Lincoln Borglum. If you turn off the TV using the power button, you’ll hear a mysterious soundtrack in the background, but if you scroll through the channels, you’ll see that there are six channels, and that could be a hint clear to the sixth part of “Black Ops”, or it could mean that five more teasers will be revealed. By clicking “Save”, you can download the currently playing video, which is a nice feature that ensures that the video is shared on social media platforms Unfortunately, examining the source code of the page doesn’t reveal much, and based on what we see, there is nothing else of note. the site. Follow us on.

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