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ISIS members surrender to the Nigerian army… and comments from Al-Azhar Observatory

Al-Azhar Observatory for Countering Extremism said security sources reported that 47 members of Boko Haram and Islamic State in the West African state surrendered to forces Nigerian armies, while seven men, nine women and 31 children surrendered to military forces in Kwatan Turare. , Doron Baga and Kukawa (Kukawa) in Borno State, Nigeria.

Al-Azhar Observatory explained that preliminary investigations showed that these people fled the Sharama region, on the island of Lake Chad, and among them was the leader Mallam Muazu Adamu, who became famous in the group of Ahlus Sunnah, Preaching and Jihad, known in the media as the group “Boko Haram”, led by Ali Gana (Alai Gana), where he and his wife went.

In another context, the Beninese army announced that its forces had killed eight people suspected of being terrorists who were planning attacks in the north of the country.

According to what the army announced, the suspects were neutralized in the Karimama area, near the border with Niger, and military equipment, weapons and motorcycles were found in their possession.

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ISIS members surrender to the Nigerian army... and comments from Al-Azhar Observatory
Statement from Al-Azhar Observatory

The security situation in West Africa remains unstable

The Observatory indicated that the security situation in the West Africa region remains unstable, particularly in light of the withdrawal of UN forces and the disintegration of numerous security alliances, the most recent of which is the G5 alliance, which in turn has led to a growing number of security alliances. threats from ISIS and Al-Qaeda, which are vying to impose control in the region – in particular – over the Sahel region, which the terrorist organization ISIS aspires to make a new base after the collapse of pillars of his so-called state in Syria and Iraq.

The Al-Azhar Observatory for Combating Extremism stressed that the repeated attempts to carry out terrorist attacks on the border between Benin and Niger sound the alarm about the presence of certain terrorist elements in this region and a attempt to impose a specific reality by exploiting some of the security gaps at the border, as this incident is the second in a month. This requires special attention to the security situation in the region.

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