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“Israel” receives three powerful strikes in a week + video

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Tel Aviv receives three heavy strikes in one week; The first was from the International Criminal Court regarding the arrest warrants against Netanyahu and his War Minister, the second was based on the recognition of the State of Palestine by three European countries and the last was an order from the International Court of Justice, who ordered the immediate cessation of the aggression against Rafah.

A decision which aggravates the difficult situation of Tel Aviv, placing it facing increased international isolation and embarrassing its allies, especially since the Israeli response resulted in an intensification of bombings and raids on Rafah, which signifies a rejection of the decision and a challenge to the international community. community.

Although the Court does not have the necessary means to carry out its orders, there is consensus on the importance of the decision, as the former prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, Moreno Ocampo, highlights the need for the occupying government to respect the decision. and if he refuses, the UN Security Council is concerned with publishing a resolution obliging him to implement it, without excluding Washington from using its veto.

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The spokesperson for the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, also confirmed that the decisions of the International Court of Justice are binding on the parties involved. However, the decision represents an important step. While experts point to some of the political effects of the Court’s rulings on global public opinion, as well as the doubling of the political cost to the United States in supporting the occupation, American media outlets acknowledge that the International Court’s ruling of Justice highlights the increase in occupation. isolation, according to CNN.

While the New York Times newspaper believes that this decision increases pressure on the Netanyahu government, believing that it represents an additional political and diplomatic blow for Tel Aviv.

Immediately after the decision was announced, Tel Aviv challenged it with positions confirming continued fighting and calling for the occupation of Rafah. While the Palestinian Authority, Hamas, the United Nations and the European Union welcomed the decision, as did Arab governments like Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the Emirates and Western governments like Canada , Belgium, Venezuela and Colombia.

True to American farce, the White House simply said that it was fundamentally opposed to the Rafah operation, while Republican Senator Lindsey Graham accused the court of bias, calling on Tel Aviv to ignore its decision.

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