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It happened while you were sleeping The date of the execution of the death sentence of the serial killer of Ismailia… and the fine of the artist Sherine Abdel Wahab

The past few hours have been marked by numerous issues and incidents that have raised public opinion, including the date of the execution of the Ismaili serial killer, the fine of 5,000 pounds imposed on the artist Sherine Abdel Wahab, the Prosecution’s first comment on the Abu Ghaleb ferry incident, and others, and we will present them in this report.

After insulting a producer, artist Sherine Abdel Wahab was fined 5 thousand pounds

Yesterday, Wednesday, May 22, 2024, the Court of Appeal for Misdemeanors of Sheikh Zayed, sitting at the South Giza Court, chaired by Advisor Mahmoud Yahya and composed of Advisors Mohamed Siraj and Ahmed Hisham, confirmed the fine imposed on the artist Sherine Abdel. Wahab 5,000 pounds, against the backdrop of his accusation of insulting and defaming producer Mohamed Al-Shaer.

The Sheikh Zayed Criminal Court had previously fined artist Sherine Abdel Wahab 5,000 pounds, based on her accusation of insulting and defaming producer Mohamed Al-Shaer, and the relevant authorities returned the civil case before the competent court.

The report of the Technical Assistance Department of the Ministry of the Interior revealed the examination of the circulating video clip of the accused – the artist Sherine Abdel Wahab -, as well as the investigations of the security services which indicated the validity of the accusation made against her during the activities of a press conference she held at the time.

It happened while you were sleeping The date of the execution of the death sentence of the serial killer of Ismailia... and the fine of the artist Sherine Abdel Wahab
Sherine Abdel Wahab

Fractures of the skull and pelvis… the medical report of one of the victims of the accident of the artist Abbas Abu Al-Hassan

The initial medical report of one of the victims of artist Abbas Abu Al-Hassan’s accident in the town of Sheikh Zayed revealed that she had a suspected skull fracture, a cut to her face and a injury to the mouth, in addition to a suspected fracture of the nasal bones and a suspected fracture of the pelvic bones.

She was found to be suffering from a suspected pneumatic fracture to her chest, in addition to a suspected fracture to her right clavicle, and her condition was critical and could not be questioned.

Major General Hisham Abu Al-Nasr, First Deputy Minister of Interior for Giza Security Sector, received notification of receiving a signal from the head of the operations room of the General Administration of Traffic in Giza, indicating that a traffic accident had occurred and that there were injuries in Sheikh Zayed.

The security and traffic departments went to the scene of the report, examined and inspected it, and it was found that the artist Abbas Abu Al-Hassan hit two women with his angel car, causing them fractures and various bruises on the body. They were transferred to the hospital in a critical state of health to receive the necessary care, while the artist was taken into custody, and the security services were informed of the incident and presented it to the public prosecutor, who ordered his release. on bail of 10,000 pounds. He also requested information on the state of health of the injured in order to hear their statements on the incident.

It happened while you were sleeping The date of the execution of the death sentence of the serial killer of Ismailia... and the fine of the artist Sherine Abdel Wahab
Artist Abbas Abou Al-Hassan

An abnormal practice and the body of a murdered nurse… What happened in the popular neighborhood of Bulaq?

A foul smell was on the line to reveal what happened inside the house of a nurse in his forties in the popular neighborhood of the Bulaq al-Dakrur region, and his practiced homosexuality before his body was found stabbed to death. under mysterious circumstances, the contents of his apartment were stolen and a twenty-year-old young man paid the price of two crimes, one in self-defense, the other for his greed after stealing this apartment.

A notification was received by Major General Muhammad Al-Sharqawi, Director of the Giza General Investigation Department, from Lieutenant Colonel Muhammad Naguib, Head of Investigations at the Boulaq Al-Dakrour Police Department, indicating that a signal had was received from the police department regarding the emission of a foul odor from inside the residence of a nurse in his forties, and his disappearance under mysterious circumstances, on the perimeter of the department.

Prompt directives from Major General Hani Al-Shaarawy, Director of Criminal Investigations in Giza, for a security force to move to the location of the report to determine all the circumstances of the incident, and moving, examining and breaking down the door of the apartment, the body of the apartment’s resident – a forty-year-old nurse – was found inside, suffering from stab wounds to the body and the scattered contents of the apartment. The disappearance of some cases indicates that theft was the motive for the attack. crime.

Giza security services have formed criminal investigation teams to uncover the circumstances of the incident. Their efforts focused on examining the victim’s relationships, reviewing surveillance cameras installed around the victim’s residence, as well as hearing statements from the nurse’s neighbors. that a young man in his twenties was behind the incident.

It happened while you were sleeping The date of the execution of the death sentence of the serial killer of Ismailia... and the fine of the artist Sherine Abdel Wahab
Corpse – archives

After the drowning of 11 girls… the first comment from the public prosecutor on the Abu Ghaleb ferry accident

On the morning of Tuesday 21 of this month, the public prosecutor’s office was informed that a passenger bus – a microbus with twenty-five girls on board – had fallen from the top of the car ferry across both banks of Al -Riyah Al-Buhairi in the Abu Ghaleb area of ​​the Manshiyet Al-Qanater Police Station district, resulting in injuries and deaths of a number of its freelancers in Case No. 2698 of 2024 , administrative center of Imbaba.

The public prosecutor’s office immediately opened its investigation and began by visiting the scene of the accident. Eleven girls were found to have drowned – whose bodies were recovered by civil defense forces – and five were missing, seven had survived and two were injured. Investigations revealed that as soon as the ferry reached its destination on the west side of the winds, it shook – as it does – as it collided with its landing spot in anticipation of stopping, and Consequently. the bus driver did not use his brakes and did not leave it to him, the bus rolled backwards, while the person responsible for operating the ferry did not close his iron rear door, which helped prevent what it was carrying from falling on its roof, which resulted in a fall, the bus was in the water and the investigation also revealed that the The ferry’s operating permit had expired since August last year.

The public prosecutor ordered the imprisonment of the bus and ferry drivers, taking samples from them to determine the extent of their consumption of narcotic substances, instructing the civil defense forces to continue the search for the missing girls, in seizing the bus and ferry at the scene of the incident. the incident and form a tripartite committee to inspect the ferry and examine it to determine its technical fitness for work and method of operation, the extent of its availability of rescue and safety equipment , the strength of its crew and the nature of its crew. role of each of them, which resulted in a statement from all those who caused the incident and the determination of their role and responsibility in this incident. The prosecution also ordered that the bus be examined to determine its technical safety. The investigations are being finalized.

It happened while you were sleeping The date of the execution of the death sentence of the serial killer of Ismailia... and the fine of the artist Sherine Abdel Wahab
Abu Ghaleb Ferry

After the rejection of the appeal… date of execution of the death sentence against the serial killer of Ismailia

Lawyer Amr Abdel Salam confirmed that after the rejection of the appeal of the murderer of Ismailia, the judgment becomes final and must be ratified by the President of the Republic, then implemented directly, within a maximum period of 60 days.

Yesterday, Wednesday, the Court of Cassation decided to reject appeal No. 4660 of the year 92 of the second Ismaili crime presented by the defense of the accused Abd al-Rahman Nazmi, known as the Ismaili butcher, and to maintain its execution.

It is noteworthy that the Ismailia Court of Appeal issued the decision to refer the accused of the Ismailia crime to the competent criminal court for an emergency criminal trial, after he committed the crime of killing a person by slitting his throat in one of the streets. of Ismailia, cutting his head from his body and injuring two others, based on the decision to refer him to the criminal court from his prison cell.

Counselor Hamada Al-Sawy, Attorney General, ordered the referral of the accused to the competent criminal court for an urgent criminal trial, in order to punish him for what he was accused of, as well as for his use of narcotics. and its possession. bladed weapons “without legal justification” in a place of assembly with the intention of disturbing public order.

The prosecution presented evidence before the accused from the testimonies of the two injured victims and ten other witnesses, which led to access to the video clips of the crime and the identification of the accused, in addition to the detailed confession of the accused that he had committed the crimes with which he is accused, and what was proven by the report of the Forensic Medicine Service according to which the incident could have occurred according to the images contained in the investigations and the result of the analysis of the accused containing a drug that he had previously admitted to having consumed and whose type was specified in the investigations, in addition to another type.

It has also been proven in the report of the Department of Forensic Psychiatry that the accused is free from any symptoms indicating his psychological or mental disorder, which could cause him to lose or lack consciousness, choice, goodwill, discrimination and knowledge of good and evil. , whether at the present time or at the time of the incident in question, which makes him responsible for the accusations attributed to him.

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