It looks like Mafia 4 will appear on the opening day of the Summer Game Fest 2024 event

After revealing that Mafia 4’s publisher would be coming to the Summer Game Fest 2024 event, Czech gaming site Vortex has raised gamers’ hopes by hinting that the game could finally be announced at the highly anticipated gaming festival summer this year.

With a good history of leaks, Vortex sources say that talk of a new mafia game is circulating among event organizers and some developers based in the Czech Republic.

Although the Vortex network admits to lacking conclusive evidence, it has successfully predicted many of these revelations in the past, such as the early reveal of the strategy game Last Train Home and the opening of the GSC Game World studio, thus giving great credibility to their claim that, according to the Maybe Go Development site on Hangar 13, it employed several developers from the original Czech 2K team.

Looks like a long wait for the game Mafia 4 Just like the wait around the new GTA 6, it has taken a long time to see the next Mafia game, and we are all very excited and impatient.

As gamers look forward to June’s Summer Gaming Festival, the potential reveal of Mafia 4 will mark a major return for the beloved series. However, don’t wait too long and avoid taking these rumors seriously until an official announcement is made. from the Hangar 13 or 2K Games team.

Leaks aside, do you expect Mafia 4 to appear in any of the upcoming summer events?

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