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It looks like the highly anticipated horror game Slitterhead will debut during the Summer Festival event. 2024 - drweud

It looks like the highly anticipated horror game Slitterhead will debut during the Summer Festival event.

The most anticipated horror game project in years, Slitterhead, is one of the horror games that horror and monster fans have high hopes for. It is a third-person perspective being developed by Japanese development studio Bokeh Game Studio.

This game is developed by the talented, veteran, godfather and creator of the famous horror series Silent Hill and director Siren Kiichiro Toyama, It will be developed by Bokeh Game Studio, which he opened with former developers from the Japan Studio team, and we must not forget that the original soundtrack was composed by the veteran. Akira Yamaokathe famous composer behind all the games in the Silent Hill series.

We’ve only seen the game in some early development footage, through development episodes on the developer’s official YouTube channel, but we’ll finally take a closer look at Slitterhead in more depth and detail during the Summer Game Fest 2024 event on June 7, where it was announced. We announce the presence of the developer Bokeh Game among the partners at the ceremony, and we also cannot forget that the game was first announced during the Summer Festival Edition event. Summer Gaming Festival 2021.

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Slitterhead is set to become one of the most important new iconic horror games in 2024 and will deliver a very exciting horror experience that will surely appeal to fans of the Silent Hill series and others alike, as it is said to combine elements horror, mystery, and fight in an awesome gameplay style.

The game takes place in the Japanese town of Kazuya, where players encounter terrifying creatures called Slitterhead, which are a mix of humans and monsters with supernatural powers.

General information about the game Slitterhead

  • The game will be a survival horror game with immersive elements and weapon combat.
  • You can play with animals in the game through certain missions.
  • The game will have a dark and disturbing atmosphere.
  • The story will take place in a fictional Asian city and will focus on the transformation of normal people into monsters.
  • Your decisions will affect the course of history and its outcome.

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