It seems that the rumors of the first Resident Evil remake are “nonsense”!

In recent days, rumors have spread about the existence of a new remake of the first Resident Evil game in the series, and expectations indicated that 2026 was the target date for the release, but in the end the rumors seem to be nothing, according to one of them. reliable source.

According to what the famous leaker of the series mentioned resident Evil In general Twilight GolemHe had heard a lot of rumors circulating on the Internet a few days ago, and he had heard that some had pointed to him as the main person responsible for leaking the matter, but in fact he clearly denied this, because he expected that everything revolving around the alleged remake was “nonsense” and had nothing to do with the truth.

“People might be surprised, but in reality, I don’t just believe baseless rumors, and as far as I know, there are no rumors regarding the 30th anniversary of RE:1 that will come true in any way or form. of another. they lie.”

Dusk Golem has gained some credibility in the industry by being quite accurate in its information about the series, and indeed it’s rare to see misinformation about it, but at the same time it’s interesting that Capcom doesn’t care not from the first part. since he resumed his project to remake games from the series The Second Part directly into the series.

On the other hand, the same leaker mentioned that we are about to see the first reveal of Resident Evil 9, as Capcom is targeting the game’s release in January 2025, and the date is believed to be largely correct given the pace of release. the release of the series, which is close to being a somewhat annual series, as all recent games in the series, from Remake Part 2 to the upcoming RE9, were in development at the same time in 2018, meaning that it It’s time for the next project to see the light of day.

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