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Jihad Leader: The occupation was confined to the field and politics + video 2024 - drweud
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Jihad Leader: The occupation was confined to the field and politics + video

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In an interview with Al-Alam news channel for the program “With the event”, Haitham Abu Al-Ghazlan said: Certainly, changes have occurred recently, the Israeli enemy, which threatened, thundered and foamed in order to enter Rafah and. end the question of resistance… was surprised by the intense resistance in Rafah and also by the escalation of its operations throughout the Gaza Strip, the human and material losses are a clear indication that the occupation could not achieve its objective. in Rafah.

He pointed out that: The other development is the publication of decisions of the International Court of Justice and the International Criminal Court, demanding the arrest of Netanyahu and Gallant, and these two issues confirm that this occupation is on the bench. accused and that the legitimacy that it claimed to maintain has begun to erode, and the legitimacy of the one who protects it, that is to say the United States, is also eroding.

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The Iranian people are ahead in determining their fate and will be present in the elections

He underlined: Added to this is also the strong political blow caused by the recognition of the Palestinian state by three European countries, and this is in addition to the 147 United Nations countries which have recognized the Palestinian state.

He added that among the many other variables are student and popular movements in the West, which leaves no doubt that Israel sees its loss of international legitimacy as one of the real strategic risks threatening its entity.

He also highlighted what is happening on the Israeli societal front, particularly what is being done by the families or loved ones of Zionist prisoners, as an opinion poll confirmed that 67% of Israelis support reaching a deal complete, while the Israeli War Council, for the first time, called for a comprehensive agreement to end the prisoner problem.

Haitham Abu Al-Ghazlan concluded by saying: The Israeli is stuck on the field and in politics, and that is why he is trying to launch trial balloons, and the American is also trying to help him to get out. get rid of this insect that is in him. , and that is why everyone realized, Israeli and American, that the war in the Gaza Strip has become a war for the sole sake of war, and not to achieve goals, because there is no political objective that can be achieved in Gaza. area, and the Israelis are aware of this problem.

He stressed that the Israeli is now trying to escape what the International Court of Justice is trying to impose on him, as well as Western pressure, student or popular, and pressure from the families of Zionist prisoners.

He stressed that the genocidal war, practices and massacres against Palestinian civilians are still ongoing and thereby confirms that he will not comply with any decision of the International Court of Justice or any other decision that is not disagree with his desires in this context.

For more information, see the attached video.

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