Joel’s age in season 2 of The Last of Us will be 4 years higher than in the game!

It seems that the directors of The Last of Us Season 2 wish to modify certain events compared to the second part of the game. This is what appeared to us by making the age of the hero of the game, “Joel”, 4 years older older than him in the game.

We know that Joel’s age in The Last of Us 2 was 57 years old, but in the second season of the series he will be 61 years old, according to what was reported by the account TheLastofUsNews on the X platform. don’t know what it’s about. The goal is there, but it seems that the directors of the series want to modify certain events of the game and live more of the life of our hero.

warning of the presence of (burn) for the events of The Last of Us 2

Everyone who was able to play the second part knows that his story ends in the first half of the game at the hands of “Abi”, who avenges the death of his father, killed by Joel. But it seems that the events of the series want to continue Joel’s story over a longer period and we will explore more of his story and perhaps witness new events as well as new characters.

What’s confusing is that Joel’s age difference between the first and second parts of the game is 5 years, and with the addition of 4 years, the age difference will become 9 years from from the first part of the game.

We don’t know what these changes will lead to, but we do know that the game director Neil Druckman He has a role in overseeing the production of The Last of Us Season 2, and so we expect there to be a good storyline for these new changes if the information is correct.

Recently, some images began to arrive on the Internet, taken from a filming location of the series The Last of Us Season 2. But this coincided with a strong attack from the public against the heroine of the series, Bella Ramsay, who plays the role of “Elijah.”

This attack was accompanied by comparison photos between “Ellie” from the second part of the game and “Bella”, the heroine of the series, because Ellie is supposed to have aged at least 5 years, which had an impact on his appearance and physical strength. But this did not happen, according to the audience, with the heroine of the series, which remains the same.

Eli in the first part of the game The last of us She was 14, and when she returned to us in the second part of the game, she was 19. This age difference caused her to take the main role in the game, as she was primarily relied upon in confrontations, fights, and escapes.

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