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Like Al-Nasr… “suspicions of corruption” threaten the head of the Federation in his country!

Shoot – Reports have revealed a corruption case facing Al-Ittihad club CEO Domingos Suarez in Portugal.

Correio da Manha newspaper reported that the public prosecutor believes the former Benfica recruiter created two money transfer companies.

They are no longer registered for any commercial activity in the country and have caused the club damage amounting to more than 7.2 million euros.

Details of the union leader’s conviction

The majority of the club’s losses are accounted for by false commissions, created by several people, including Domingos Suarez, to inflate the prices of three players,

This contributed to the club paying additional sums of over €5.1 million.

The federation officially signed a contract with CEO Domingos Suarez de Oliveira last September.

With his extensive experience in his field for over 30 years, where he led the Benfica club group and held several management positions,

In leading companies, he was a member of the board of directors of the European Club Association.

Al-Nasr CEO is in crisis

It is worth noting that Italian journalist Simone Eterno revealed a criminal sanction against the CEO of Al-Nasr Club, Guido Finga,

About his period of work at Roma Club, under the presidency of James Pallotta, linked to the making of fictitious profits regarding the purchase and sale of players.

Eterno added that Finja faces sanctions of up to a prison term ranging from (1 to 6 years) and a fine ranging from (20,000 to 5 million euros) if the conviction is proven.

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Like Al-Nasr… “suspicions of corruption” threaten the head of the Federation in his country!

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