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Luxor consumer protection chief seizes unlicensed pharmacy in Al-Adaysat

Luxor consumer protection chief seizes unlicensed pharmacy in Al-Adaysat

Ahmed Abou Adba

Major General Mohamed Fadel, head of the Consumer Protection Agency of Luxor Governorate, was able to seize an unlicensed pharmacy operating in the Naga Alwan region in Al-Adaysat Qebli.

The incident was due to the receipt of information from the branch of the Egyptian Medicines Authority in Luxor that there was a place that carried out the pharmacy activity and in which medicines and medical preparations were marketed without obtaining authorization. authorization to carry out the pharmacy activity. a pharmaceutical establishment. As a result, coordination was made with the Luxor Consumer Protection Agency to form a committee.

It turned out to be the home of a person named MJ. He is not a pharmacist and has no pharmacy-related paperwork. He refused to show the committee his personal papers and fled the pharmacy.

A report was prepared to prove the incident, and it was not possible to take an inventory due to the large number of drugs. A committee was formed within the Medicines Authority to take an inventory later, and the aforementioned eye was waxed.

In a related context, the Governor of Luxor inspected the paving works of the main streets of the city of Bayadiya and secondary streets, with a total length of 30 thousand meters of flat asphalt layer, as part of the works of the investment plan for paving and installation of interlocks for the current year 2023/2024, the governor also inspected a number of streets for which interlocks were installed in Bayadiya City, which reached 19 secondary streets.

On the sidelines of the tour, the governor inspected one of the municipal bakeries in Bayadiya town to ensure compliance with all technical specifications and standards set for bread production in order to preserve citizens’ rights. and handling the weight of the loaf of bread inside the bakery. The governor ordered procurement officials to take necessary legal action against the bakery owner to prevent this violation from happening again.

Luxor consumer protection chief seizes unlicensed pharmacy in Al-Adaysat

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