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Macron, during his historic visit to Germany, will stop in front of the Holocaust Memorial

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Macron’s visit will include the German capital Berlin, the city of Dresden in the east and Münster in the west, and will include speeches on Europe and a visit to the Holocaust Memorial.

This is the first official visit by a French president to Germany in 24 years, since Jacques Chirac’s visit in 2000.

The visit was planned for last July, but was postponed due to the riots in France.

Ironically, Macron is returning from a short trip to New Caledonia, the French archipelago located in the Pacific Ocean and plagued by riots for ten days.

Macron will begin with a meeting in Berlin with German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier, before passing through the historic Brandenburg Gate with the city’s mayor, Kai Wegener.

Perhaps the most important stop of the visit will be the meeting of the governments of the two countries on Tuesday in Meseberg, near Berlin, where the two governments will begin their efforts to find common ground on two major issues: defense and competitiveness.

This visit is followed and listened to because it testifies to the solidity of Franco-German relations, which guide the decision-making process of the European Union, at a time when Europe is facing major challenges, including the war in Ukraine. , and the possibility of Donald Trump winning the US presidency in the November election.

Macron and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz differ greatly in their leadership styles and have clashed publicly over various issues, from defense to nuclear energy, since Schulz took office in late 2021. However, they have recently reached disagreements. compromise on several issues, including financial reform. the changes needed to support the energy market, which allowed the European Union to reach agreements and form a more united front.

“There are tensions in Franco-German relations, but one of the reasons is precisely the way they deal with difficult issues,” said Jan Wernert of the Jacques Delors Institute in Berlin, noting that both countries spoke of the need to expand their relations. the European Union towards the East.

One of the points of contention between France and Germany is the question of European defense, especially if Trump wins the November 5 presidential elections. Defense experts say Trump’s moves as a reliable ally are less predictable than those of his rival, Democratic Party nominee President Joe Biden.

It is said in the corridors of the German presidency: “We do not often celebrate what we have accomplished together” since the Franco-German reconciliation of 1963.

For its part, the Elysée affirms: “We can talk a lot about the fluctuations of the Franco-German duo, but there is also a permanence and depth in the relations between the two peoples, and this is what this visit shows. ‘State.”

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