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Major General Muhammad Al-Duwairi: International pressure is around Israel’s neck

Major General Muhammad Al-Duwairi: International pressure is around Israel's neck

Deputy Director General of the Egyptian Center for Strategic Thought and Studies, Major General Muhammad Ibrahim Al-Duwairi, said international pressure was around Israel’s neck, following the historic decisions taken by the International Court of Justice , during its session held today Friday. regarding Israel’s request to cease its military operations in the Palestinian town of Rafah, in the south of the Gaza Strip, and the Rafah crossing was opened for the entry of aid.

Major General Muhammad Al-Duwairi stressed that the decision taken by the International Court of Justice is considered a decision of great importance, as it constitutes a positive development and a continuation of the decision taken by the Court last January to demand that Israel do everything in its power. its power to prevent the acts of genocide it commits in the Gaza Strip.

He added that the decision was taken by a majority of 13 votes in favor and only two votes against, which reflects the conviction of the International Court that what Israel is doing in Gaza is absolutely incompatible with international law and that these measures , which amounts to genocide, must be stopped.

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He pointed out that this decision was taken a few days after the decision of the prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, Karim Khan, to submit a request to issue arrest warrants against certain Israeli and Hamas leaders, the most prominent of whom are Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. and Defense Minister Yoav Galant.

He stressed that this decision comes after three countries recently recognized the independent Palestinian state, namely “Spain, Ireland and Norway”, which constitutes a very important development in the relations of the international community with the Palestinian question.

Major General Al-Duwairi said: “We are currently facing a set of measures taken by some important international organizations as well as some European countries in order to end the Israeli war against the Gaza Strip and even open the path to the establishment of an independent state. Palestinian state.

He said that despite Israel being expected to reject all these resolutions and consider itself a state above international law, the whole world is required, now more than ever, to increase the pressure on Israel to end the humanitarian catastrophe. witnessed by the Gaza Strip and the killing, destruction and displacement inflicted by Israel on more than two million Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.

Major General Muhammad Al-Duwairi warned that a growing responsibility falls on the United States, which must act more forcefully and effectively to end the war in Gaza first, then move to resume the peace process that was put in place. led to the implementation of the principle of the two-state solution.

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