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Marital Problems Dominate DMC’s ‘The Magic Recipe’ Promo Teaser

Marital Problems Dominate DMC's 'The Magic Recipe' Promo Teaser

A large part of the audience is waiting for the broadcast of episodes of the Magic Recipe series, which brings together a large number of top stars, so the official page of DMC Screen continues to promote the promotional teaser of the drama work at through his official account on the photo and video exchange site “Instagram”.

In this context, DMC shared the promo teaser of “The Magic Recipe”, via its Instagram account, commenting: “Expect star Chery Adel and star Hedi Karam with a group of stars in the series The Magic Recipe, starting June 8 at 8 p.m. only on TV.”

On the other hand, the marital problems presented in the series The Magic Recipe dominated the heroes of the work, so the star Rania Mansour, the star Hala, appeared in their lives and presented them with the book The Magic Recipe .

Events in the Magic Recipes series

The events of the Magic Recipe series unfold within the framework of an exciting social drama about marital problems. After Dina’s marriage to Malik, the book “The Magic Recipe for a Successful Marriage” falls into her hands, which attracts her attention. to find its title: “The First Year of Marriage”, so she continues reading its lines voraciously without… She stops because she discovers that most of what it contains reflects reality, and therefore, Dina makes decisions that can change her life and that of those around her.

Heroes of Magic Recipe Series

The Magic Recipe series, featuring a number of art stars including: Islam Gamal, Sheri Adel, Omar El-Shenawy, Imad Rashad, Heidi Karam, and a host of stars. It was written by Stories Factory Workshop and produced by. Khairy Salem.

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