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Memorial service in honor of the martyred Iranian president and his companions at the shrine of Sayyida Zeinab (S)

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Heavy is the last farewell to the loved ones of the Levant. In the sanctuary of Al-Aqila Zainab, peace be upon her; Black flags and an atmosphere of sadness embrace the joy of ending with martyrdom, and they are in love with martyrdom. For their souls, a memorial service was held in the pure sanctuary.

Hezbollah representative Sheikh Akram Diab said: “We believe that this republic will certainly continue to support the axis of resistance, as did Mr. Ibrahim Raisi and Minister Abdullahian, and this support will not change and will not change no matter how circumstances change. or how things change Today, when we talk about it, we talk about this greatness which “was able to establish something great at the level of the axis of resistance”.

Islamic Jihad Movement relations official Abu Mujahid said: “We, as the Palestinian people, missed this great supporter of the Palestinian cause, who defended the rights of the oppressed among the Palestinian people, and also the Minister of Foreign Affairs, who had a long history of supporting the Palestinian people on all international platforms and forums, as well as during the Al-Aqsa floods, he championed the cause of Palestine and waged jihad with shuttle tours to stop the aggression against the Palestinian people. We, as Palestinians, have lost this great support in Iran.

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The Iranian General Staff publishes its first report on the crash of the President of the Republic's helicopter

The Imam of the Sayyidah Zeinab Shrine, Sayyed Fadel al-Moussawi, said: “I send my words of condolences and comfort to the leader of the Iranian Islamic nation, Ayatollah Khamenei, and to all the Iranian people regarding this great affliction, and I said to them: May God reward you for the affliction.

The participants expressed their sadness and solidarity with the Iranian people and government over this great tragedy, emphasizing their belief that Iran is a strong country and will overcome this tragedy.

From the shrine of Sayyida Zeinab, who held a special place in the hearts of the martyred President Raïssi and his friends, believers mourned with sadness and sorrow for the men who left an unforgettable humanitarian impact by supporting the movements and countries of resistance and all just causes.

In the presence of absence, you are present, unwavering and unwavering, and we must continue the path to realize our dreams and your dreams.

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After an attack that left 12 martyrs, the occupying army withdraws from the city of Jenin and its camp
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