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Memories of an Iranian journalist who accompanied Amir Abdullahian on his tours + video 2024 - drweud
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Memories of an Iranian journalist who accompanied Amir Abdullahian on his tours + video

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In a direct conversation with a correspondent of Al-Alam news channel on the sidelines of the funeral of Iranian Foreign Minister Martyr Hossein Amir Abdollahian at the Foreign Ministry building in Tehran, Hadi Mohammadi explained: We are working with him since he was assistant for African affairs at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and he was an expert on regional affairs, knew the region, and his analysis of regional affairs was… Very good. I traveled with him seven times to different countries. thanks to his intelligence, his efforts, his high diplomacy and his experience in the affairs and files of the region, he had sophistication in this subject.

He stressed that the martyred minister, Amir Abdullahian, was a person with very high morals, saying: When he met someone, he greeted him even if he was a minister, and on every trip, we witnessed of his high morals, because he cared about the journalists, their hospitality and their place of residence, and he made sure that the journalists were comfortable and that they did not lack it.

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Hadi Mohammadi said: I traveled with him four times to Syria, and each time he committed to visiting the shrine of Lady Zainab, peace be upon her, if only for a few minutes, and we We also visited him during these visits. But when we went to Mecca, His Holiness insisted that those present in the delegation perform Hajj, but he did not go to the Noble Sanctuary, so I asked him: Doctor, why did you go, he said, if the conditions were good? not available to everyone, I will not perform Hajj.

He said that: His behavior with the former Foreign Minister was something remarkable and distinctive, as he called Mr. Javad Zarif my teacher. Mr. Zarif also emphasized the sincerity of Mr. Amir Abdullahian in his work and that everything he said was true. the truth.

Regarding support for the Resistance axis, he said: If we call him “Resistance Minister” as described by Mr. Ismail Haniyeh… that is a complete description of him. I had a vague idea and he explained it to me later. .. He received Mr. Haniyeh and Mr. Ziad Al-Nakhalah with the Palestinian flag and seated them behind a table behind which the foreign ministers sat… He stood behind Mr. Haniyeh during the conference Press. , he said: “I want to tell the world that Iran has always supported the Palestinian cause. »

For more information, see the attached video.

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