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Microsoft leverages its new artificial intelligence technology for the Xbox platform 2024 - drweud

Microsoft leverages its new artificial intelligence technology for the Xbox platform

Today Microsoft’s artificial intelligence event took place, which talked about many details in this regard and the future of Windows systems, as well as the new Microsoft Copilot AI technology (assistant technology), which will not only be integrated into Microsoft’s computer system, but also the The company gave us a glimpse of how the technology interacts with games, or rather Xbox.

During the event, the company indicated the integration of technology Microsoft Copilot Directly in video games and Xbox platforms, for example we have the game Minecraft, where the player will be able to use natural language to ask the assistant questions such as “How to make a sword?“The artificial intelligence will search chests and inventory to find the necessary materials, or guide the player to them if they don’t have them, and will also explain how to craft the item, eliminating the need to go to websites or on YouTube.

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Certainly, there will be concerns about this in the minds of many, especially content creators, especially since Microsoft strives to provide all instructions possible, and this feature will certainly affect content creation, from less on websites, since the technology will save the player from having to go to instructions related to the game in question, but it will certainly change the direction of discussions between the audience, content creators and the publisher as well.

In fact, these ideas lead us to a relatively distant future, especially since it will take a long time to apply them to all current and future games. But do you think, dear reader, that their application will have a positive impact or will it. affect an aspect?

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