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Minister of Communications: We will continue our efforts to train people and develop digital capabilities

Minister of Communications: We will continue our efforts to train people and develop digital capabilities

Dr. Amr Talaat, Minister of Communications and Information Technology, held an in-depth meeting with a group of young entrepreneurs, independent professionals and interns at the Ismailia Digital Creativity Center “Cretiva” at its headquarters in ‘Suez Canal University, which was established to support technological innovation, entrepreneurship and strengthen the digital capabilities of the youth of Ismailia Governorate through… Supporting entrepreneurs and startup owners, qualifying them young people of the governorate for the future of the labor market, building a community of independent professionals and supporting the Ismailia community to become a digital community, in the presence of Dr. Nasser Mandour, President of the Suez Canal University.

The Ismailia Digital Egypt Innovation Center has so far provided its services to more than 28,000 entrepreneurs and youth beneficiaries, including students and graduates of Suez Canal University and residents of the Governorate of Ismailia. Around 13,000 trainees have benefited in the areas of creativity and entrepreneurship. , independent work, professional development, digital transformation… 6,000 beneficiaries of centrally located shared workspaces, and more than 90 startups and entrepreneurial projects have benefited from business incubators, including 8 startups which have benefited from support complete. incubation services.

The establishment of the Egyptian Digital Creativity Center “Cretiva” in Ismailia is part of the plan of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology to create a center in each governorate, since 20 centers have been established up to present, and there are plans to create 6 more. during the current year.

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In his speech at the meeting, the Minister of Communications and Information Technology praised the diverse and distinguished role models he witnessed from students and youth joining the ministry’s initiatives at the Ismailia Digital Creativity Center , as well as the successes examined for young people. creatives and entrepreneurs, as well as independent professionals among the center’s graduates who received training and successfully exported digital services abroad, stressing that what he witnessed represented true dedication to the idea of ​​development human and human-built and an emphasis on the fact that Egyptian youth excel when given the opportunity to learn and receive knowledge and creativity.

Dr. Amr Talaat stressed that the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology will continue its efforts to work on training people and developing digital capabilities in the coming period, noting that the goal of creating of Digital Egypt innovation centers is to spread the culture of entrepreneurship and autonomy. – employment in all governorates, adding that “Cretiva” Ismailia provides services to support emerging businesses in terms of technical, economic and marketing training to entrepreneurs, expressing confidence that all the successes he has witnessed in Cretiva Ismailia will become models of inspiration in the future.

In this context, Engineer Ahmed Al-Zaher, CEO of the Information Technology Industry Development Authority (ITIDA), affirmed the authority’s strong commitment to supporting the entrepreneurial community and reaching out to university students and founders of emerging technology companies in various governorates across the country. Republic, emphasizing that the Cretiva Ismailia Innovation Center stands out from other centers in its form and content, it is considered the first innovation center in the Canal and Sinai region and encompasses a unique community of professionals independent which includes approximately 2,335 young men and women. of the governorate. It provides them with the ideal environment for self-employment, in addition to its distinguished role in providing young people with the digital skills needed to keep pace with the job market, and in empowering entrepreneurs and promoting… Their abilities to innovate, think creatively and adopt their entrepreneurial ideas and projects.

During the meeting, 4 entrepreneurs reviewed the activities of their companies incubated within the center, among them Naslst, which provides a platform providing technological services to serve all parts of the supply chain by connecting directly to buyers, merchants and delivery service providers. by providing electronic stores with SaaS (software as a service) system. For purchase, payment and delivery via the platform, the company “Rio” specializes in the maintenance and inspection of solar power plants and in providing technical assistance and remote maintenance on construction sites using communications and IT tools, sensors, data collection and analysis, as well as the company “Tester”, which develops a software testing program with artificial intelligence, and the company “Tester”, which presented a farm prototype intelligent fish farming. works with Internet of Things technology and solar energy.

Dr. Hoda Baraka, Advisor to the Minister of Communications and Information Technology for technological skills development, explained the objectives of the Egypt Digital Generations initiative launched by the ministry, which includes four initiatives covering different groups of age, from 9 years old. These include the Digital Buds of Egypt initiative for primary school students, and the Digital Egypt Cubs initiative for preparatory and secondary school students, the Digital Egypt Pioneers initiative for university students and graduates and of the Digital Egypt Builders initiative. for distinguished graduates of certain university specializations.

Dr. Heba Saleh, Director of the Institute of Information Technology, discussed the Institute’s activities in Cretiva Ismailia to strengthen the digital capabilities of young people, explaining that the Institute’s programs started in Cretiva Ismailia with two specializations related to software development and that the programs have been expanded. include numerous technological specializations to enable young people to work in large international companies, in addition to offering training programs aimed at qualifying young people in the field of self-employment.

The meeting provided an opportunity to review examples of beneficiaries of the Egyptian Digital Generations initiative from different age groups.

Dr. Amr Talaat listened to a number of graduates from the Digital Egypt Pioneers and Digital Egypt Builders initiatives, and explained how they have benefited from these two initiatives to develop and discover different training paths and employment skills independent, which qualified them to join the local, regional and global job market.

A number of information technology professionals examined what they benefited from the programs of the Institute of Information Technologies, which contributed to their remote work in companies in other countries, with specializations in the field of artificial intelligence and cybersecurity.

Dr. Amr Talaat also spoke with examples of independent professionals who benefit from the services of the center through training in the field of self-employment and technical training, where young people examined the role of “Cretiva” Ismailia in the development of their skills in the field of self-employment. -remote employment and working for the benefit of a number of local and international companies in various fields, including web development, mobile application development, design and marketing. One of the young people explained his experience of changing career paths from the medical profession to that of an independent professional in the field of software engineering. Another youth spoke about his experience in web development since he was in third grade, explaining that he is working. as an independent professional in addition to his university studies and receives his salary in foreign currencies.

During his visit, Dr. Amr Talaat heard an explanation of what the Digital Egypt Creativity Center in Ismailia offers, in terms of training programs for students, entrepreneurs and independent professionals in the governorate, and raising awareness about digital for them. It is offered in partnership with a number of academic and educational institutions specializing in capacity building, entrepreneurship and creativity support, as well as development and non-governmental institutions.

Dr. Amr Talaat visited Cretiva Ismailia, which notably inspected the training activity of the digital manufacturing laboratory, which provides services to emerging companies, and through which young people are trained on the latest digital manufacturing machines such as: 3D printer, CNC machines, laser. cutting machine and electronic card making machine.

The visit also included an inspection of the areas reserved for startup incubators, coworking spaces and training rooms.

Dr. Amr Talaat also inspected the ongoing training programs at the Institute of Information Technology headquarters, as well as the expansions of the Institute’s new building on the university campus.

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