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Minister of Education on Egypt's membership in the GPE Global Partnership: a step in supporting the ministry's efforts 2024 - drweud
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Minister of Education on Egypt’s membership in the GPE Global Partnership: a step in supporting the ministry’s efforts

Minister of Education on Egypt's membership in the GPE Global Partnership: a step in supporting the ministry's efforts

Minister of Education and Technical Education, Dr. Reda Hegazy, praised the efforts of the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), as a major partner of the ministry in the development of the Egyptian education system, noting that the ministry spares no effort to achieve the development of young people, particularly those in early childhood.

This came during a meeting between the Minister of Education and Technical Education today Wednesday, with Robert Jenkins, Global Director of Education and Adolescent Development at UNICEF, on the sidelines of the Global Education Forum 2024 in London, to discuss aspects of cooperation in supporting educational programs.

The Minister thanked UNICEF for the fruitful and effective cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Technical Education in several areas, including developing the use of the organization’s expertise in preparing the framework general for study programs developed at the preparatory stage.

Hegazy explained – in a statement today – that the ministry has completed the preparation of the 2024-2029 strategic plan, through an analysis of the education sector and the calculation of the financing gap, and that in light of After studying the challenges, the strategic plan was developed. is compatible with the three government programs, which aim to develop the Egyptian human being, employment and protect… Security, in accordance with the Sustainable Development Goals, and the orientation of the Egyptian State on importance for students to have qualifying skills and competencies. adapt them to changes in the labor market.

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He stressed that the ministry has three strategic objectives, namely availability, quality, sustainability and lifelong learning, stressing that Egypt’s membership in the Global Partnership for Education (GPE ) constitutes a step in supporting the ministry’s efforts to achieve the objectives of developing the education system and implementing the ministry’s 2024 strategic plan.

He added that the ministry is interested in the specifications of the graduate who keeps pace with global technological development and the digital revolution, so that its specifications are adapted to the labor market and jobs of the future, highlighting the participation of teachers and students in the exercise of their duties. digital teaching materials, indicating that the teacher is no longer an education teacher, but a learning guide, while focusing on key learning outcomes, problem solving and overall student preparation.

The minister stressed that Egypt has educational channels and platforms, expressing interest in cooperating with UNICEF to strengthen the capacities of specialists in the preparation of digital educational materials and use artificial intelligence programs to produce these materials , in addition to training specialized teachers in higher education. school programs, in addition to the ministry’s interest in creating training portfolios and booklets containing a code of honor in the field of cooperation with technology.

For his part, the Global Director of Education and Adolescent Development at UNICEF welcomed learning of the ministry’s plan for the digital transformation of education, noting that Egypt is considered as a pioneer in this field in the world, and that Egypt is also a model in the field. field of educational development.

The meeting provided an opportunity to discuss ways to improve the quality of Egyptian education by focusing on improving basic reading, writing and numeracy skills in the early years, as well as on the national assessment of the fourth and first years of college.

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