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Minister of Higher Education chairs meeting of the Higher Council of Universities

The Supreme Council of Universities held its ordinary meeting, chaired by Dr. Ayman Ashour, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, today Saturday, in the presence of Dr. Mustafa Refaat, Secretary of the Council and members of the Council , at the headquarters of Kafr El-Sheikh University.

The Council thanked the Kafrelsheikh University family, led by Dr. Abdel Razek Desouki, President of the University, for hosting the meeting of the Supreme Council of Universities.

The Minister of Higher Education highlighted the need for universities and institutes to prepare for exams for the second semester of the current academic year, emphasizing the need for the presence of professors and support staff in universities, to ensure discipline and success in exams. .

The minister highlighted the need for universities to focus on scientific research and ideas that can be transformed into innovations and applicable products with an economic impact on society, as well as linking the research product to industry , to guide scientific research in the service of society, to face the challenges facing economic growth and to support the industrial community and the national economy. Strengthen scientific and research cooperation between universities, the industrial community, enterprises and productive institutions, and use the capabilities of academic and scientific institutions to meet all development needs faced by geographic regions. The Republic.

The minister highlighted the importance of activating the role of regional alliances signed between academic, productive and industrial institutions, by implementing the regional alliances plan to support scientific research for industry and the national economy, by facing the challenges faced by different geographical regions at the republic level, and supporting the transformation of educational establishments into innovative institutions that contribute to attracting scientific executives. This is within the framework of the implementation of the presidential initiative “Alliance and Development”, which benefits from the support and sponsorship of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, President of the Republic. the Republic, and in accordance with the objectives of the National Strategy for Higher Education and Scientific Research.

The minister also praised the efforts of universities to raise awareness among students, by organizing education and awareness seminars and organizing student trips to national projects, so that students become familiar with the scale of the projects being implemented. implemented in various regions of the Republic. develop student loyalty and belonging.

The minister welcomed the inclusion of 28 Egyptian universities in the world ranking of emerging universities under 50 years old, according to its version published for this year 2024, out of a total of 1,171 universities worldwide. the inclusion of 20 Egyptian universities among the top 2,000 universities in the world according to the CWUR ranking for the year 2024. The minister highlighted the need for universities to continue supporting researchers to increase scientific publication in international scientific journals prestigious, raise the ranking of Egyptian universities in major international rankings.

The Council heard a report on the most notable activities of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research during the month of May, the most notable of which was the meeting with President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, President of the Republic, with the Board of Trustees of the Library of Alexandria, which includes an elite group of leading Egyptian and international figures.

Prime Minister Dr. Mostafa Madbouly also received a delegation from UNESCO and UNICEF to review aspects of cooperation in the educational, academic and research fields. The pioneering experience of the Egyptian Knowledge Bank was also reviewed for various researchers and students.

Prime Minister Dr. Mustafa Madbouly held a meeting to monitor the status of projects being implemented as part of the development of the Great Transfiguration site in the city of Sainte-Catherine, in the presence of a group of ministers and relevant authorities. , where the latest developments concerning the various projects currently being implemented, as well as the completion deadlines, were examined. Work is still underway on these projects.

Also reviewed was the visit of the Minister of Higher Education to the United Kingdom, to participate in the activities of the Global Education Forum in the presence of 122 education ministers from various countries around the world. During the visit, Dr. Ayman Ashour held. a meeting with an elite group of eminent Egyptian academics and professors from various leading British universities. He also met the UK Minister of State for Education, the UK Government Representative for Educational Affairs and a delegation from the University. of Exeter, the University of Essex, the University of Bath, the British University of Plymouth and the Scottish University of Glasgow, in addition to holding meetings with the Saudi and Iraqi ministers of higher education and scientific research, to discuss and strengthen joint cooperation between Egyptian universities and their British counterparts from Saudi Arabia and Iraq, exchanging experiences, concluding international and regional partnerships and signing cooperation agreements and protocols in various fields of common interest, in addition to presenting the vision of the Ministry of Higher Education on cross-border education. and the growing interest in it, as well as the review of the most significant events observed in the sector of higher education and scientific research in Egypt, Progress and growth in all directions during the last years.

The Minister also received delegations from 20 UNESCO countries, to transfer the pioneering Egyptian experience in the field of Egyptian Knowledge Bank, and 4 dialogue and discussion sessions were organized to benefit from the Egyptian experience in this field. of the Egyptian Knowledge Bank and disseminate it to the rest of the organization. Member States.

Minister of Higher Education chairs meeting of the Higher Council of Universities

The minister met with the director of the British Council and the meeting discussed Egypt’s efforts to become a regional center of cross-border education in the Middle East, attracting international students to study in Egyptian universities, increasing academic cooperation and scientific and exchange visits with UK institutions and provides scholarships to students and researchers and supports leadership capacity building.

Dr. Ayman Ashour also met with the UAE Ambassador and the University of Sharjah delegation to discuss the establishment of a branch of the University of Sharjah within the Arab Republic of Egypt, in the aims to provide distinguished educational opportunities to Egyptian students. and expatriates, and enrich the Egyptian academic scene with innovative interdisciplinary scientific specializations that keep pace with the demands of the regional and international job market.

The minister visited Al-Suwaidi University of Technology, where he inspected the university’s buildings and facilities, including construction, technical equipment and laboratories, to check the university’s equipment in order to provide a distinguished educational experience to students.

Minister of Higher Education chairs meeting of the Higher Council of Universities

Dr. Ayman Ashour attended the conclusion of the activities of the first technology hackathon organized by the University of Technology on October 6. The minister inspected the exhibition which includes the students’ products and innovations and listened to a detailed explanation on the students’ distinguished innovations. and projects. His Excellency praised the innovations presented by the students in various fields, especially as they keep pace with the latest modern technological systems, and asked the students to make more efforts to develop their innovations, in order to be able to be competitive in the local market.

The report takes stock of the approval by the Council of Ministers of a bill creating the “National Council for Education, Research and Innovation”, which reports to the President of the Republic. Every 6th Council presents a report on the results of its work and its recommendations. month to the President of the Republic. The Council aims to define general policies for education of all types and at all levels, and to achieve integration between them, and to supervise their implementation, with the aim of promoting education and developing its results in accordance with the requirements of the local and international labor market and also aims to formulate general research and innovation policies.

Minister of Higher Education chairs meeting of the Higher Council of Universities

The report said that numerous meetings were held with foreign ambassadors and officials to discuss mechanisms to strengthen scientific and joint research cooperation.

As part of the direction of Sadat City University to establish a human medicine faculty and complement the faculties of the medical sector within Sadat City University due to its positive impact on the community of the city of Sadat and the centers and villages surrounding it, the council witnessed the signing of cooperation protocols between the University of the city of Sadat and the universities of (Kafr El-Sheikh, Mansoura, Menoufia , Tanta and Banha) to cooperate in the training and continuing medical education of students of the Faculty of Medicine, the Faculty of Nursing, and all other medical faculties of university hospitals, and to implement training programs for students.

Minister of Higher Education chairs meeting of the Higher Council of Universities

Dr. Adel Abdel Ghaffar, Media Advisor and Official Spokesperson of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, said that the Council was following the efforts of the committee formed under the chairmanship of Dr. El-Sayed Kandil, President of Helwan University, to develop the general framework of the “Innovative Egypt” cartoon character competition for the second season 2024, to develop and support the children’s content industry through… Animation and programs for children.

The official spokesperson added that the Council listened to a presentation by Dr. Sherif Kishk, Assistant Minister for Smart Governance, on linking various statistical data programs related to data tracking of government universities through the existing electronic platforms of the ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. and the Secretariat of the Higher Council of Universities, with the aim of integrating and unifying the data source.

Minister of Higher Education chairs meeting of the Higher Council of Universities

The Council approved the restructuring of the Supreme Aptitude Test Supervision Committee to monitor and monitor the work of aptitude examinations in colleges whose admission requires passing aptitude tests for the 2024/2025 academic year , led by President Dr. Al-Sayyid Kandil. from Helwan University.

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