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Minister of Housing: Operation of 50 kilometers of the Siwa/Matrouh double road project

Dr. Assem Al-Gazzar, Minister of Housing, Public Services and Urban Communities, said that a distance of 50 km was operated within the framework of the Siwa/Matrouh dual road project, with a total length of 300 km, passing through the Development Triangle (Bir el-Nas – Al-Ja Ra – Siwa), which is implemented by the Central Reconstruction Agency, affiliated to the ministry, from the North West Treasurer, aims to increase the efficiency of the road, to reduce accidents and to absorb the increase in freight and traffic, explaining that the distance that was traveled from the quantity 100:150, is the most dangerous distance and the record accidents on the existing road.

The minister highlighted that the Siwa/Matrouh dual road project is considered the first concrete road project in the northwest region. The concrete overlay works were chosen to support the weight of cars and trucks loaded with heavy loads coming from the city of. Siwa to the city of Matrouh, and to increase the lifespan of the road and increase safety rates, taking into account the implementation of industrial works to protect the road from flooding.

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Minister of Housing: Operation of 50 kilometers of the Siwa/Matrouh double road project
Siwa/Matrouh road dualization project

The Minister of Housing explained that the importance of the Siwa/Matrouh dual road project lies in strengthening the connection between the Siwa oasis and the development areas of the northwest coast, as it connects the oasis of Siwa to the International Coastal Highway and then to ongoing development and development. the service areas of the northwest coast, in addition to the seaports, the northern ports, notably the ports of Dekheila and Alexandria to the east, and to Libya and North Africa to the west, help to stimulate commercial movements and facilitate the transport of people, goods and products to and from the Siwa oasis. The dualization also aims to stimulate tourist movement towards the town of Siwa, adding that the road mainly serves future development projects in the Siwa region, it connects it directly to Matrouh and the regional road network. with the aim of creating new urban communities on both sides of the road, through urban development and reclamation of agricultural land within the town of Siwa.

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Major General Mahmoud Nassar, head of the Central Agency for Reconstruction, stressed that the Siwa/Matrouh double road project, currently being implemented, consists of building a concrete road approximately 300 km long, 11 .25 meters wide (3 lanes of traffic), and with a design speed of 120 km/hour, at an estimated cost of £4 billion, this would be double the existing single road, which runs in both directions and cannot withstand heavy loads, which also leads to many accidents. , doubling the existing road is one of the tools to develop and increase the efficiency of the road in order to achieve operational efficiency and higher traffic capacity in addition to increasing the degree of safety of operation by separating the traffic directions. movement, thus achieving a reduction in current accident rates on the road.

Minister of Housing: Operation of 50 kilometers of the Siwa/Matrouh double road project
Siwa/Matrouh road dualization project

The head of the Central Reconstruction Agency added that the North West Coast Reconstruction Authority was undertaking work on numerous projects, including 29 development projects from the agency’s investment plan, at a total cost of 3.713 billion pounds, and 12 projects for the benefit of others. at a total cost of 151.376 million pounds, he explained that the Central North West Coast Reconstruction Authority, and since 2014, has worked to implement a group of secondary roads to connect the centers of population to the main roads and axes of movement, and to facilitate access to supplies and civil protection for them, as well as to transport agricultural products from these Bedouin communities to markets and consumption areas, and to work on the development of these communities, and reached The total length of these roads is approximately 450 km, in addition the development and improvement of the efficiency of the link road between the town of Siwa and the village of Bahi El-Din, d ‘a length of 23 km, and the development and improvement of the efficiency of roads east and west of Matrouh, with a length of 23 km. of 77 km.

Major General Mahmoud Nassar said: During the period 1997 to 2023, the Northwest Coast Reconstruction Authority completed 2,791 wells for agriculture, 263 wells for toilets and 443 dams to retain water. water, in addition to maintaining and disinfecting 162 Romanian wells, to meet the needs of the Romanian authorities. the demands of the governorate and the population to store rainwater, on which the inhabitants of desert areas live, by preserving livestock and encouraging desert crops (figs, olives and barley) on larger areas for development Bedouin communities.

He added: The creation of the Bedouin village in the Al-Jara region in the Siwa oasis was completed thanks to the construction of 30 Bedouin houses, and that of the Bedouin village in the Bahi El-Din region in the The Siwa oasis was completed with the construction of 12 Bedouin houses. houses, and the Bedouin village in the town of Sidi Barani, through the construction of 24 Bedouin houses, to meet the needs of citizens, improve living conditions and create new urban communities.

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