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Minister of Immigration and Deputy Governor of Ismailia attends the opening of the Egyptian Youth Forum Abroad 2024 - drweud
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Minister of Immigration and Deputy Governor of Ismailia attends the opening of the Egyptian Youth Forum Abroad

The Minister of Immigration at the Forum on the fight against illegal immigration

Engineer Ahmed Essam El-Din, Deputy Governor of Ismailia, attended the launch of the activities of the first forum of the Union of Egyptian Youth Abroad, titled “Combating illegal immigration and preparing Egyptian youth to the international labor market. organized by the Union of Young Egyptians Abroad under the auspices of the Ministry of State for Immigration and Affairs of Egyptians Abroad and the Ministry of Youth and Sports, at the Youth House of ‘Ismailia on May 23, 24 and 25, with the closing ceremony. of the forum which will take place on Sunday May 26, 2024 in the governorate of Cairo.

It was in the presence of Ambassador Soha El Gendy, Minister of Immigration and Affairs of Egyptians Abroad, Dr. Mahmoud Hussein, Chairman of the Youth and Sports Committee of the House of Representatives and President of the Union of Egyptian Youth Abroad, engineer Ahmed Othman, Member of the House of Representatives of Ismailia Governorate, Amal Rizkallah, member of the House of Representatives of Ismailia Governorate, and a group members of the House of Representatives, Dr. Ihab Salah, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, and leaders of the ministry.

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First of all, Representative Mahmoud Hussein, Chairman of the Committee on Youth and Sports in the House of Representatives, delivered a speech in which he thanked and appreciated His Excellency Ambassador Soha El-Gendy, the engineer Ahmed Essam El-Din, vice-governor and representatives of the governorate of Ismailia, representatives Ahmed Othman and Amal Rizkallah, emphasizing his joy at being present to participate in the debate on an important issue, that of the fight against immigration.

Stressing that the forum is part of the State plan to combat illegal immigration and in accordance with the directives of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, President of the Republic, regarding Egypt’s commitment to fight against this phenomenon, while the Union seeks to support the efforts of political leaders who have succeeded in stopping immigration flows from Egyptian coasts.

Representative Mahmoud Hussein provided an overview of the Union of Egyptian Youth Abroad, whose objectives include highlighting the distinguished role of youth abroad and helping Egyptian youth abroad. foreigner to join the programs offered by the Egyptian state to their children abroad, as well as to ensure the participation of Egyptian youth in all electoral elections.

Dr. Mahmoud Hussein praised the efforts made by the Ministries of Youth and Immigration in the field of illegal immigration, and what is possible to cooperate with each other and work within the framework of the directives of political leaders to advance, develop and qualify the human sector. element, in addition to the presidential directives aimed at studying the Arab and European markets and improving opportunities for safe immigration to these markets for qualified Egyptian youth, with the aim of achieving the desired societal returns and increasing opportunities for rehabilitation, training and entrepreneurship for young people.

In his speech, Soha El Gendy, Minister of Immigration, confirmed his joy at being with this distinguished group of young Egyptians, expressing his joy at being in the governorate of Ismailia.

Al-Jundi explained that the issue of illegal immigration is one of the most important priorities of the state, stressing that illegal immigration is one of the most important files on which the Ministry of Immigration and conscious political leaders have paid great attention to this problem. the phenomenon to research it and find solutions out of fear and concern for our young people.

The Minister said that it is no longer time to bury our heads in the sand, but we now discuss our problems and challenges in full transparency and seek to find solutions after studying the problems in all their aspects.

She highlighted the ministry’s efforts to communicate with our children abroad through a number of initiatives, such as the automobile initiative, the airline initiative and the reduction of family plane tickets, as well as the conscription settlement initiative to ensure the stability of young people. abroad.

One of the most important of these initiatives is the Survival Boats Initiative, which stems from a recommendation of the 2019 World Youth Forum and aims to raise awareness of the disasters resulting from illegal immigration and to create opportunities and alternative pathways For the young. Illegal immigration was studied and monitored, which showed its concentration in 14 governorates and 72 villages in particular.

From this point of view, the Ministry of Immigration sought until the end to create an alternative by creating the Egyptian-German Center in cooperation with the German Agency for International Cooperation, which aims to find an alternative for young people to professions that the German market needs. and train young people to the level that the German market meets and according to international standards, by organizing workshops aimed at psychological interaction with society, as well as job forums to provide employment opportunities within the framework of respectable regular immigration, particularly from Egypt. The foreign community abroad is one of the most integrated and law-abiding communities.

For his part, Engineer Ahmed Essam, Deputy Governor of Ismailia, praised the continuous efforts made by the State to resolve the problems and find solutions through the efforts of the Ministries of Immigration and the Ministry of Youth. Egyptian Center for Overseas Immigration, commissioned by Dr. Mostafa Madbouly, Prime Minister, with the aim of supporting the employment immigration system at the national level.

The center includes all parties concerned with employment training and works to create alternative opportunities for young people to discourage them from traveling illegally in order to preserve their lives, as well as to achieve community development by providing them with training , a qualification and a job. opportunities for young people inside and outside the country, especially those in the poorest and most needy villages.

During the opening session of the forum, the debate was open to young people to talk about what concerns them, and the minister responded, emphasizing that a certain number of protocols are currently in preparation with certain countries to establish training centers in cooperation with countries. which attract illegal immigration to qualify young people in all professions and jobs that require skills such as programming.

Minister of Immigration and Deputy Governor of Ismailia attends the opening of the Egyptian Youth Forum Abroad

Minister of Immigration and Deputy Governor of Ismailia attends the opening of the Egyptian Youth Forum Abroad

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