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Minister of Immigration: We agreed with the Saudi side to continue supporting the mechanism for resolving Egyptian labor issues

Minister of Immigration: We agreed with the Saudi side to continue supporting the mechanism for resolving Egyptian labor issues

Minister of State for Immigration and Egyptian Expatriate Affairs, Ambassador Soha Gendy, confirmed the agreement with the Saudi side to continue to maintain the pace of the problem-solving mechanism and overcome types of problems. he obstacles faced by Egyptian workers, as well as all the challenges faced by Egyptian workers. two communities.

This came during Ambassador Soha Gendi’s reception with Ambassador Osama Naqli, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to Egypt, to discuss cooperation in joint issues, praising his distinguished role in supporting the fraternal relations between the two brotherly countries.

During the meeting, the minister highlighted the strength of the historic strategic relations between the two countries, linked by bonds of brotherhood and a common destiny, as well as the close relationship that unites the political leaders of the two countries, welcoming the role of the Kingdom in caring for the Egyptian community present on its lands, also emphasizing that the Saudi community in Egypt is their second country.

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She stressed her willingness to strengthen joint cooperation between the Saudi Ministries of Immigration, Human Resources and Social Development, with the aim of introducing rights and duties and overcoming challenges that Egyptians residing there may face. in the Kingdom, and that the ministry, in cooperation with the Labor Attaché of the Embassy and the Ministry of Human Resources, launched a joint awareness campaign aimed at introducing male and female workers in Egypt. The Kingdom has all the laws to protect the rights of the individual and inform them of their duties. determined by regulatory laws, in addition to the interest of continuing to support the direct cooperation mechanism between the Ministries of Immigration and Human Resources, which has contributed for two years to directly and quickly solving more diaspora problems.

She stressed that the Egyptian community in Saudi Arabia is among the priorities of the ministry’s work files, as it is the largest among the rest of the Egyptian communities abroad and is equipped with greater and greater skills and experiences. influential. various areas, for which Egypt is proud of its presence in the sister Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

She added that Egypt wishes to lovingly contribute to supporting the labor market of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, with an eye toward the interests of both parties, stressing the need to cooperate to resolve some of the challenges that have begun to emerge in the country. the labor market through the modification of certain procedures and laws, and to overcome all obstacles in order to support the interests and relations between the two parties. This reflects the strategic bilateral cooperation between the two countries and allows for greater integration that maximizes the benefits of the elements. and skills in the labor market.

For his part, Ambassador Osama Nuqli expressed his pride for his period of work in Egypt, stressing that he is a fan of Egypt. He also expressed his appreciation for the hospitality that accompanied him over the past years in Cairo and for the cooperation he received. of the Egyptian state, and his emphasis that his country is always eager to support… Bilateral relations with Egypt in various fields due to the history and common ties that unite the two countries, as well as the tremendous development of relations in various fields and compatible visions on many issues of common interest.

Ambassador Naqli praised Egyptian-Saudi relations, describing them as having extensive cultural roots, in addition to sharing customs and traditions that unite the two countries, highlighting the efficiency and competence of Egyptian workers present on the ground Saudi, who spared no effort. efforts to actively participate in most projects undertaken by the Kingdom.

The Saudi ambassador explained that regarding the strategy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the employment and recruitment file, which is based on work efficiency and the employment of qualified and specialized workers, he wishes to overcome all obstacles and procedures to support both communities, especially the direct problem-solving mechanism, with the aim of preserving traditions and respecting the statutory laws of the countries.

He promised to continue coordination and communication with relevant ministries and relevant authorities and return to the meeting to find more cadres who maximize the use of skills and oppose the exploitation of those who aspire to work , and consider conducting joint awareness campaigns in different ways. which maximize the reach of the message to the targeted people.

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