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Minister of Oil: New extensions in refineries to maximize productivity and connect warehouses digitally 2024 - drweud
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Minister of Oil: New extensions in refineries to maximize productivity and connect warehouses digitally

Minister of Oil: New extensions in refineries to maximize productivity and connect warehouses digitally

The Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, Engineer Tarek El Molla, confirmed that the petroleum sector strategy attaches importance to the implementation of digital transformation programs within the framework of the development and modernization project of the sector, the implementation of which began in 2016, and that the use of digital transformation in Egyptian refineries and chemical plants is an integral part of this strategy to become digital laboratories that provide precise production processes so that petroleum materials comply with Egyptian and international specifications and codes.

This happened during an inspection tour of the Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources on Saturday to the oil geographical zone of Mostorod to monitor the implementation status of new expansion projects in the region.

Al-Mulla highlighted the importance of Mostorod oil zone, which is one of the oldest and most important oil zones in Egypt due to its effective role in the local market fuel supply system , especially since it includes various petroleum activities in the field of petroleum refining and manufacturing, transportation, trading and distribution. We are proud of the development work that this region has witnessed in the recent period, which has contributed to increasing the operational efficiency of the oil region and improving the environment.

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Al-Mulla said that the new warehouses being built in the new geographical region of Mostorod will positively contribute to maximizing the production capacity, storage and payment operations of distribution and marketing companies in order to follow the targeted economic development , stressing that all warehouses have been digitally linked to the Petroleum Authority to provide real-time data on balances in these warehouses.

For his part, the head of the Cairo Oil Refining Company, engineer Wael Rizk, reviewed the most important projects implemented by Petrojet, among which the project to create 12 tanks for different petroleum materials , the project for automatic mixing of gasoline of all types. to meet international specifications, in addition to a project to establish a new firefighting network for companies in the Petroleum geographical area in Mostorod.

Al-Mulla led the implementation of priority projects in the petroleum products supply system, in coordination and cooperation with companies in the sector, using the latest advanced systems and technologies, and preserving the environment. Al-Mulla also stressed the importance of continuing to educate and train. increase the efficiency of human managers.

He also inspected the new geographical area of ​​Mostorod, where the construction of 12 oil tankers is taking place. Al-Mulla praised the outstanding performance of Petrojet, which has become unique and has long experience in implementing strategic projects, whether inside or outside Egypt. it is the executive body of the oil sector in the implementation of major projects due to its capabilities of technical cadres equipped with the highest level of efficiency, advanced technologies and modern equipment in the implementation of projects .

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