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Mustafa Bakri reveals the characteristics of the new government formation

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Mustafa Bakri reveals the characteristics of the new government formation

Mustafa Bakri during a pen and paper program

Representative Mustafa Bakri, a member of the House of Representatives, said that what happened today is a change of government and not an amendment, because Article 146 of the Constitution states that the President of the Republic chooses the Prime Minister and entrusts him with the training of the Prime Minister. the government and presents its program to the House of Representatives, and if it does not obtain confidence, it appoints another person Prime Minister of the party which obtained the majority.

Bakri stressed, during his interview with journalist Nashaat Al-Daihi, in the program “Pen and Paper”, broadcast Monday evening on Egyptian Channel 10, “TeN”, that this change came after the House of Representatives ended the discussions. the general budget, then the Prime Minister was tasked with forming the government on the same day of the completion of the budget discussion, noting that President Abdel Fattah El-Sissi defined for the first time in detail the tasks of the government, in speaking of the determinants of national security, and the construction of the Egyptian person, particularly in the areas of health and education, and the development of political participation, and emphasizing that the coming period will see paving the way to broader political participation.

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He stressed that there is a careful selection of new ministers and that a number of ministers are dismissed, noting that some ministers have requested their exclusion due to certain circumstances, noting that there is a change in a certain number of sovereign ministries, and a change in the number of service ministers, and there is one of the most senior ministers who will be changed, and that will happen. A major change in the number of governors can reach 22 governors, and there are 3 deputies appointed for a certain number. important ministries.

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Mustafa Bakri reveals the characteristics of the new government formation

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