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Mustafa Bakri: US CNN report on Egypt’s role in Israel-Hamas truce negotiations ‘suspicious’

Mustafa Bakri: US CNN report on Egypt's role in Israel-Hamas truce negotiations 'suspicious'

Journalist Mustafa Bakri, a member of the House of Representatives, said: For the first time in history, we will see Israeli leaders being prosecuted in more than 146 countries in the event of a ruling against them by the International Court of Justice. indicating that any Israeli official arriving at any of these countries’ airports will be arrested.

Mustafa Bakri added, during the program “Facts and secrets”, broadcast on the Sada El Balad channel, that the report published by the American channel CNN on the role of Egypt in the truce negotiations is a suspicious report and was prepared by the chief national security correspondent and CNN’s White House correspondent, commenting: “I think the case is clear and reveals their identity.” »

Bakri continued: “The text of the suspicious report says that Egypt sabotaged the negotiations and altered the documents exchanged. This is a strange speech which aims to justify to Israel that it is innocent and that it is not responsible for having prevented the arrival of the armistice. agreement, which justifies the Netanyahu government, which refused to sign in front of the Israelis who demonstrated against the government.

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He highlighted that the remarks of Dr. Diaa Rashwan, head of the State Information Service, about Egypt’s mediation role in the ceasefire agreement and the release of detainees in the strip of Gaza and prisoners in Israel, were based on repeated demands and insistence. of Israel and the United States to play this role, especially since Egypt has successful and multiple previous experiences of conflicts between Israel and Hamas.

He stressed that attempts to cast doubt and insult the efforts and role of Egyptian mediation with allegations that contradict reality would only further complicate the situation in Gaza and the wider region, and could push the Egyptian side to make the decision to completely withdraw from the mediation it is carrying out in the current conflict.

Mustafa Bakri pointed out that there are many important observations that need to be mentioned, namely:

– Egypt played a mediator role between Hamas and Israel based on a US-Israeli request, and the deal was accepted by the Hamas movement.

Egypt has managed to remove many of the obstacles that have hampered the progress of negotiations in recent rounds, whether related to the number of prisoners and detainees released, the return of Palestinians to their regions or the ceasefire. -fire.

The Netanyahu government, which was determined to invade Rafah, believed that its approval of the proposed armistice agreement would prevent it from invading Rafah. Therefore, Netanyahu rejected the deal and the next day he ordered the occupying army to invade Rafah.

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